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Changes from 3.0.1

  • Updated to Java 11
  • Updated Consonants analysis
  • Added 'Phone Accuracy' query report
  • Improved options for Session to HTML wizard
  • Updated Ewe (ewe) transliteration dictionary
  • Added Turkish (tur) transliteration dictionary
  • Added 'zoom' control to Composer (advanced)
  • Automatic transcription will not overwrite unvalidated values
  • Fixed an issue with matching back refrences at the end of transcripts
  • Application should now exit when selecting 'Close all windows' from the Windows taskbar
  • Reconfigured application package directory structure
  • Greatly improved page load time of reports
  • Improved table of contents (ToC) menu
  • Moved ToC to right hand side of report
  • Renamed query reports
  • Added new query report 'Listing by Session' which prints results organized by session and record. Tier data may also be included.
  • Added a 'New window' function to query wizard