Changes from 3.0.2

  • Added new 'Session Check' wizard available via the 'Project' window menu. The new wizard incorporates and replaces the older 'Check Transcriptions' wizard.
  • Improvments to phone alignment
  • Removed JavaFX dependency
  • HTML reports are now displayed using JxBrowser
  • New preferences panel for Query and Report wizard
  • Added menu items for named queries to Query menu
  • Added 'Go to' menu for the Report menu allowing navigation to sections in the report.
  • Added 'Open report in browser' menu item
  • Added context menu for HTML reports
  • Query wizards may now be opened for multiple projects
  • Fixed a regression bug with acoustic data reports
  • TextGrid view now uses the font Charis SIL Compact
  • Improved workflow of wizard dialogs
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