@ghedlund ghedlund released this Feb 11, 2019 · 4 commits to phon-3.0.4 since this release

Changes from 3.0.3

  • Query and Report Wizard
    • Query history is now displayed as a drop-down list
    • Improved method of saving/exporting queries
    • Clicking 'New window' will now show an exact copy of the current query (including parameters)
    • Queries saved in user/project libraries or exported to disk now correctly link to the proper stock query
    • Saved/exported queries now display the correct query history and named query lists
    • Query results are now displayed in a split panel under the session selection view.
    • Query results window will now open in proper location
    • Stop button will now appear in the breadcrumb when executing queries
    • Text for the next button now clearly indicates the next action
    • Simplified and improved query window menu
  • Queries imported into analyses using the Analysis Composer from the user/project libraries will now work correctly
  • Fixed behaviour of scrollbars in query forms.
  • Folder names for reports and queries have been changed:
    • Query folder name has been changed from 'script' to 'query'
    • Report folder name has been changed from 'reports' to 'report'
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