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@ghedlund ghedlund released this Feb 14, 2020 · 13 commits to dev since this release

Changes from 3.0.5

  • Removed 'Segmentation' view from Session Editor. Segmentation is now performed using the new 'Timeline' view.
  • Added new 'Timeline' view which displays the audio waveform along with record data on a horizontal timeline. This view allows access to
    Segmentation functions as well as allowing easy manipulation of record segment times.
  • Updated 'Speech Analysis' view with improve waveform and timebar components.

Other changes:

  • Fix age comparisons for participants in query forms. Ages are now normalized before comparison (e.g., 01;04.00 is equal to 00;16.00)
  • Added validation to age fields in query forms
  • Record speaker will now change as expected when using 'replace' mode with segmentation
  • Fix bugs with Specialized/Multisyllabic Nonlinear Analysis
  • Updated English-NA (eng) dictionary
  • Added Cantonese (yue) dictionary
  • Added Mandarin (cmn) dictionary
  • Fixed Phone Inventory analysis for IPA Actual elements
  • Fixed an issue where compound phone characters were reversed in reports when ignoring diacritics.
  • Update libjpraat to version 6.0.52
  • Updated WAP analysis with improved definition of distortions.
  • Added status background images for media player
  • Can now click media player to toggle play/pause
  • Drag and drop files onto media player to assign media to session
  • Added menu items for assigning media, unassigning media, and generating session audio file to Session menu in editor
  • Improved media prompts (banners)
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