Large log messages block all further output #11

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I'm not sure what the threshold is, but it's greater than 300 characters. Whenever I get a single large log message, it blocks all further messages and appears to stall the app as well. These log messages come through just fine when running in Xcode.


+1. I'm seeing this as well.

I can probably suppress the log messages as a workaround, but I'd be super psyched to see this fixed properly...


A while ago I went back and looked at this. The best I can tell is that the simulator stops sending messages through the FIFO as soon as one message doesn't make it through in one shot (msg size > FIFO buffer size). If this really is a problem with the simulator, then it's going to be tough to do much about it. I'm not the most well versed in MacOS programming though, so maybe there is an easy fix.

To work around this, I've been using the option to dump log messages directly to a file instead of through a FIFO to stdout. I then just 'tail -f' the file. This seems to work for even extremely large log messages.


Great suggestion -- especially since I want to dump the log to a file, anyway. Two birds, one stone.


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