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Get the Source

$ git clone

Install the Dependencies

$ npm install

Run the Tests

$ npm test

Commit Message Format

[#15] The summary should not exceed 50 characters.

The body is optional and separated by a line break.
In the body, you can add additional details about
the commit.

The summary should always be prefixed with [xxx].

The value describes the type of commit, such as:
  - [lib]  for the library code.
  - [cli]  for the CLI code.
  - [doc]  for the README or other docs.
  - [spec] for the tests
  - [npm]  for package.json or other NPM bits.
  - [git]  for .gitignore
  - [#13]  for a specific issue.

The exception to the summary prefix is tagging a version release: - Version x.x.x