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PhoneGap Developer App
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The PhoneGap Developer app is a testing utility for web developers and designers using the PhoneGap framework. After installing the PhoneGap Developer app you can connect to your PhoneGap desktop app to instantly view and test your project on the device.

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Compile and Run the Application

$ npm install
$ npm install -g phonegap@3.4.0-0.20.0
$ phonegap run ios
$ phonegap run android
$ phonegap run wp8

For developers wishing to use the platform SDKs (Xcode, Eclipse, Visual Studio), please build once with the CLI to correctly populate the platform assets:

$ phonegap build <platform>

Running the Tests

There are two types of test targets: the local app and served app.

Test the Local Application

The local application is the PhoneGap Developer App. To test the local functionality, we build the application with mobile-spec. This allows us to ensure that each plugin was correctly installed. Eventually, we would like to add functional tests for the app logic.

You can run the local tests with:

$ phonegap run android --test
$ phonegap run ios --test
$ phonegap run wp8 --test

Test the Served Application

The served application is the app served by the CLI. To test the server functionality, we serve an instance of mobile-spec. We can then use the manual and automatic tests to ensure that the server provided the correct version of Cordova, the plugins, and the navigation logic.

You can run the served tests with:

$ cd tests/
$ phonegap serve
# now connect with the latest build of the PG App

Updating the Tests

It's as easy as a copy and paste.

  1. Copy all content of cordova-mobile-spec
  2. Paste the content into tests/www

On your first run of the tests, you may see some modified files. This is expected because the test runner invoked by --test modifies certain files to support our app's configuration.

Commits, Tags, and Releases

See the file for details.

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