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PhoneGap Build Developer App

What it does

Log into PhoneGap Build, view and run your PGB apps within the same webview, or optionally install them individually.

Can I build it on PhoneGap Build?

Unfortunately, not at the moment (it will build, but you can't yet inject plugin params into code files with plugman -- jira issue).

Build & Run Locally

Install phonegap if you haven't already

npm install -g phonegap@6.0.3

Clone the repo and add platforms

git clone
phonegap platform add ios
phonegap platform add android

Obtain API oauth client credentials (a CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET) from PhoneGap Build. Add the credentials to the PGB Oauth Plugin for Android (platforms/android/src/com/phonegap/build/oauth/ line 25) and iOS (platforms/ios/PhoneGap\ Build/Plugins/ line 13).

Compile and Run

phonegap run ios
phonegap run android