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Usage: $0 create [options] <path> [id [name [config]]]
Creates a new application at the provided path.
The application name and package ID can also be customized.
These values are set in the app manifest (config.xml) and are used when
creating a native project (platforms/<platform>/).
The application can be created from an existing template as well. You can
use any template that is published on npm, in your local file path, or available
from a git URL. PhoneGap also recommends a few popular templates and provides
shortened names for each. You can list the recommended templates with the
`template list` command.
The [config] option allows you to pass a JSON string, which will be injected
into `<path>/.cordova/config.json`.
--name, -n <name> application name (default: "Hello World")
--id, -i <package> package name (default: "com.phonegap.hello-world")
--copy-from, -src <path> create project using a copy of an existing project
--link-to <path> symlink/shortcut to the www assets without copying
--template <npm package|path|git url> create app using template found on npm,
your local path, or a git URL.
$ $0 create path/to/my-app
$ $0 create path/to/my-app "" "My App"
$ $0 create path/to/my-app --id "" --name "My App"
$ $0 create path/to/my-app --copy-from ../my-other-app
$ $0 create path/to/my-app --template hello-world
$ $0 create path/to/my-app --template phonegap-template-hello-world
Also See:
$ $0 help template
$ $0 help template list