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Update iOS/BarcodeScanner/ #884

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The plist key value needs to be com.cordova.barcodeScanner.

@jcrutch jcrutch Update iOS/BarcodeScanner/
The plist key value needs to be com.cordova.barcodeScanner.

If you say so. All I know is it would work for me until I changed the key. It took me a while to find the solution on google. I just thought I would save someone time.


would not :)


It is not a matter of my saying so, it is fact, right there in the javascript file. I'm interested in seeing your same file - perhaps it is different than the one in the repo.


For the XIB Overlay PGbcsViewController needs to be updated to CDVbcsViewController (or really anywhere in the project that still references PG instead of CDV for barcode scanner -- at least for Cordova 2.2).. as for the plist key I just got it working yesterday on Cordova 2.2 with org.apache.cordova.barcodeScanner and CDVBarcodeScanner

@devgeeks devgeeks reopened this

Not merging this as it seems to still be in debate? @shazron ?


This repo has been deprecated and will not be actively maintained - no pull requests nor any other issues will be worked on. The previous source currently exists in the DEPRECATED branch, and may be removed at a future date.
Migration path, see:

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Commits on Nov 14, 2012
  1. @jcrutch

    Update iOS/BarcodeScanner/

    jcrutch committed
    The plist key value needs to be com.cordova.barcodeScanner.
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@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ at the bare minumum a transparent view that is connected to the PGbcsViewControl
* In the `Supporting Files` directory of your project, add a new plugin
by editing the file `Cordova.plist` and in the `Plugins` dictionary adding
the following key/value pair:
- * key: `org.apache.cordova.barcodeScanner`
+ * key: `com.cordova.barcodeScanner`
* value: `CDVBarcodeScanner`
* Add the following libraries to your Xcode project, if not already there:
* AVFoundation.framework
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