FIX: DatePicker (IOS) breaks when the date value is invalid/missing. #950

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The code that parses the dateString value returns nil when the dateString is missing or invalid. But passing nil into the UIDatePicker's date property generates an error

@JoeyHerrington JoeyHerrington FIX: empty or invalid date breaks datepicker
passing nil into the date property of UIDatePicker yields an exception.
 The date parser returns nil when the date string is invalid or empty.
The change checks the parsed value for nil before passing it to the
date property of UIDatePicker and assigns it the default value, if
shazron commented Nov 4, 2013

This repo has been deprecated and will not be actively maintained - no pull requests nor any other issues will be worked on. The previous source currently exists in the DEPRECATED branch, and may be removed at a future date.
Migration path, see:

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