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Hello World PhoneGap Application bitHound Score

A Hello World application built with PhoneGap

Getting Help with PhoneGap

If you are looking for help with PhoneGap please visit the PhoneGap Forums.



In your browser, open the file:


PhoneGap CLI

This repository is automatically downloaded by phonegap-cli when you create a new application.

PhoneGap Build

Create a new app with the following repository:


Updating the Application

The application is based on the Apache Cordova Hello World app.

1. Update the Source

cp cordova-app-hello-world/www www/

Do not replace www/config.xml.

Do not replace www/img/logo.png.

2. Update index.html

Replace <h1>Apache Cordova</h1> with <h1>PhoneGap</h1>.

3. Update PhoneGap Version

<preference name="phonegap-version" value="x.x.x" />

4. Commit

$ git commit -am "Version x.x.x"

5. Tag

$ git tag x.x.x