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PhoneGap Hello World app
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Hello World PhoneGap Application

A Hello World application built with PhoneGap



In your browser, open the file:


PhoneGap CLI

This repository is automatically downloaded by phonegap-cli when you create a new application.

PhoneGap Build

Create a new app with the following repository:

First setup to use this project.

Then run the following commands in the terminal:

$ cd ~/workspace/phonegap-start
$ npm install -g phonegap
$ phonegap remote build android

The last command requires an Adobe ID and will build your app on PhoneGap Build.


Updating the Application

The application is based on the Apache Cordova Hello World app.

1. Update the Source

cp cordova-app-hello-world/www www/

Do not replace www/config.xml.

Do not replace www/img/logo.png.

2. Update index.html

Replace <h1>Apache Cordova</h1> with <h1>PhoneGap</h1>.

3. Update PhoneGap Version

<preference name="phonegap-version" value="x.x.x" />

4. Commit

$ git commit -am "Version x.x.x"

5. Tag

$ git tag x.x.x
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