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Bryce Curtis (13):
Update version to 0.9.6.
Load new urls in new DroidGap activity - not same webview as initial url.
Add more control over how url is loaded.
Add comment
Don't clear activity stack by default.
Bump up version to 0.9.6 for example.
Update version to
Loading plugins from res/xml/plugins.xml
Copy plugins.xml when creating a new project.
Remove unused code and variable.
Accept IPlugin for result callback when starting activities for result.
Change to PhoneGap naming convention affects droidgap creation & update. Also, create script uses phonegap-x.js, not phonegap-x.min.js.
Remove dependency on notification.activityStart/Stop so they can be deprecated to an optional plugin. Also remove hideLoadingDialogOnPage option, since it no longer is relevant.
Dave Johnson (3):
Add DS_Store to gitignore
Add better support for Activity result callbacks from plugins. Add some sugar for calling success / error callbacks from plugins
Update PluginManager to accept plugins that implement IPlugin rather than extend Plugin
Fil Maj (2):
fix to build script: gotta strip out new lines from read in version string
Fix for #120: zooming in on input elements when filling out forms. Note, you also have to set initial-scale and maximum-scale properties in your meta name=viewport tag.
macdonst (7):
Updating Network Connection API to match spec released on June 7th
Fixed Issue 140: Contact.displayName is not being set correctly
Fix for #129: PhoneGap JS Naming Convention
Update .gitignore and .jar file name
Updating Contacts for June 16th W3C Spec
Setting version as 1.0.0rc1
Setting version as 1.0.0rc1
Becky Gibson (8):
Created localized files for a11y prompt in Audio capture.
Update to Contacts spec of June, 2001
Update gitignore for phonegap-*.js name change
fixes #6 - allow scaling in Camera.getPicture
refs #127
fixes #62 - implement display and edit contact
refs #154 update ref to file class to com.phonegap.file
refs #141 VoiceOver not speaking audio view
Randy McMillan (3):
Issue #53 fix
Slight modification to accomodate 0.9.6
Centers the activityView
Shazron Abdullah (2):
Updated README FAQ for iframes loading in Mobile Safari problem
Fixed a typo (one of our grammar easter eggs)
shazron (28):
Fixed typo - reversed the plugin key and PhoneGap.plist name
Fixes #140 Core plugin names conflict with existing iOS framework names. Added PG prefixes, changed mapping in PhoneGap.plist to correspond
Fixes #143 phonegap js naming convention
Fixes #150 PhoneGap.exec - does not support command mapping with dot namespaces
Fixes #152 Un-deprecate Camera core plugin for 1.0
Fixes #156 Remove deprecated Plugin base class 'PhoneGapCommand' (use the base class 'PGPlugin' instead)
Fixes #157 Remove deprecated Network.isReachable (use the Network Information API instead)
Fixes #155 Remove deprecated Notification loadingStart/loadingStop in PhoneGap core
Removed JavaScript interface for #155
Removed JavaScript interface for #157
PGPlugin base class: Added handleOpenURL notification and observer, onMemoryWarning, as well as stubs for other notifications. Changed return value for writeJavascript (was void, now NSString)
Un-commented out handleOpenURL in PhoneGapDelegate, it now posts a PGPluginHandleOpenUrlNotification (for Plugins). Sub-classes must call [super handleOpenURL] (pre-1.0, the App Delegates did not do this)
Fixes #154 PhoneGap.plist - use reverse domain name notation for core plugin service names
Typo in handleOpenUrl (NSNotification --> NSNotificationCenter)
PGPlugin handleOpenUrl event and notification handler: Url is uppercased to URL for consistency
Removed deprecation notice in file header
Fixes #153 Remove deprecated Notification activityStart, activityStop in PhoneGap core
Removed dual definition of handleOpenURL in template
Fixed problem where connection type was not passed into device properties (was not using RDN servicename)
Removed reference to debug object in phonegap.js.base
Fixed PGDebugConsole log method was printing the callbackId, instead of the message
Fixed null (for constructor)
Draft Release Notes for 1.0 RC 1
Fixes #163 Remove deprecated File::writeAsText
Removed unused and undocumented Image, Movie core plugins
Updated installer release notes for 1.0.0rc1
Incremented VERSION to 1.0.0rc1
Removed duplicate release note line.
Drew Walters (3):
Updating Contacts API to match the June 16th W3C Spec.
Remove reference to FledgeHook in project build file.
Invoke FledgeHook.exe if it exists otherwise ignore.
Michael Brooks (1):
Version 1.0.0rc1
Herm Wong (3):
added touch events
phonegap-webos issue # 7
stevengill (2):
added changes.txt
added version file
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