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Becky Gibson (7):
iOS updates for Media
Update for iOS Unified JS
Updating contacts for unified JS
Fix ret val and Notification.confirm
More Unified JS bug fixes and code cleanup
Fixes cb-361 & use timeout to turn off compass sensor
Fix CB-427 add back iOS only getPicture options
Ben Birch (1):
Remove extra newlines from before content-length header so content-length is not interpreted as part of the body
Fil Maj (25):
device initialization going with a require-based pattern
require syntax for firing events in ios
tell webview that native is ready after didFinishLoad
adding a getConncetionInfo method for compatibility sake
using require in pluginresult helper funcs. added getConnectionInfo method to connection plugin to line up with other platforms
updating plist of plugin names -> classes to adhere to common labels
Rewrite of accel and removing DeviceInfo drop from old init approach
added warning about changing compiler settings in xcode
Accel values should be doubles. and doubles shouldnt be created via an integer constructor. duh
tweaking battery plugin for cordova-js use
updated interface to get camera working. dropped a whole bunch of todos in terms of cleanup
rewrote Location class to use cordova-js unified approach.
updating refs from require("cordova") to just "cordova", and other require calls to cordova.require
updating subproject cordovalib steps
reverting my breaking commits to location. also fixes compass!
part of the way there for fixing location + compass
return error code as integer in contacts
updates for location for cordova-js integration
added unification of accelerometer values on ios (based on android values)
removed old JS, added cordova-js version
changes to cordovalib makefile for generating JS
added cordova-{VERSION}.js file to gitignore
updating references to js file/folder in root makefile
Changing name of Network Status plugin label to NetworkStatus
updating JS to latest cordova-js drop
Marcus Wu (1):
Change FileTransfer download to not use a blocking call
Shazron Abdullah (68):
Fixed CB-260: Can't install Phonegap with new Xcode 4.3
Fixed clobbered {VERSION} parameter in release notes.
Fixed Xcode app detection (using Spotlight) in Makefile
Fixed CB-306 - Remove extra template App delegate methods
Fixed release notes which had truncated lines, and removed lines that did not convey any useful information.
Fixes CB-255 - iOS: a parameter with value 'null' is not passed to 'arguments' array
Fixed CB-236 - Add ContentLength Header in Upload request
Fixed CB-300 - CDVFileTransfer crashes with 303 and empty response
Fixed CB-148, CB-316: Playing HTTP / HTTPS urls using the Media API is not working
Improved Makefile for mixed Xcode 4.2 and Xcode 4.3.1 environment.
Fixed CB-329 - Add warning if multi-tasking is not supported on an iOS device (to console log)
Fixed CB-317 : Xcode: Shell Script Invocation Error when directory has spaces in name
Fixed CB-330 - localStorage / SQLDatabase no longer persistent after iOS 5.01 update Fixed CB-347 - iOS 5.1 localStorage / SQLDatabase error after upgrading an app
Fixed shell script error - picks up new location of cordova.js now
Fixed NOTICE file with correct project name
Cleaned up and tweaked CDVLocalStorage fixes for CB-330, CB-347
Fixed static-analyzer warnings.
Added new CDVCommandDelegate stub to MainViewController
Prep Release Notes for 1.6.0rc1 release.
Added 1.6.0 constants
CDVLocalStorage class method renamed
Added older plugin compatibility headers.
Renamed IsiOSVersion macro to IsAtLeastiOSVersion
Fixed CB-49 - UUID replacement
Updated Release Notes for 1.6.0rc1
Fixed wrong key for FileTransfer core plugin
Added 1.6.0.rc1 cordova-js
Updated VERSION to 1.6.0rc1
Fixed CB-349 - Remove sessionKey usage (unused) in CDVViewController
Fixed CB-237 - Updated splash screen assets
Typo for __CORDOVA_1_6_0
Added stubs for CDVLocalStorageTests
CordovaLib: for easier testing, added CordovaLibApp scheme+target for application tests, as well as unit tests.
Removed last remnants of PG prefix in the code, with one deprecated method in CDVURLProtocol
Fixed CB-412 - main.m is missing Apache source license header
Removed strange whitelist entry from Cordova.plist
Fixed CB-387 - try/catch wrapper in native iOS code for cordova-js initialization firing alerts when page without cordova.js is loaded in
Removed space in service name for "Splash Screen" in Cordova.plist
Fixed CB-425 - Notification buttons and title are not working for confirm and alert
Fixed CB-440 - (LLVM-GCC only) Wrong number of arguments specified for 'deprecated' attribute
Fixed CB-441 - make fails if installed at a path with spaces in a folder name.
Fixed CB-444 - Xcode template new project - AppDelegate's self.invokeString usage was removed
Fixed CB-380 - Update Cordova Upgrade Guide for 1.6.0
Fixed CB-445 - Update "How to use Cordova as Component" Guide for 1.6.0
Fixed CB-381 - Update Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide for 1.6.0
Fixed formatting in "Cordova Upgrade Guide"
Fixed formatting in "How to use Cordova as a Component"
Fixed CB-406 - Update
Fixed CB-433 - CDVFileTransfer.m methods - convert use of "options" object into "arguments" array
Removed verbose logging to only print under DEBUG configuration.
Fixed CB-377 - add a check for PM_APP, XC_APP, and DEVELOPER in the Makefile
Fixed CB-407 - Update Release Notes for 1.6.0
Fixed CB-410 - Update Cordova version for 1.6.0
Re-fix CB-444 - Xcode template new project - AppDelegate's self.invokeString usage was removed
Interim cordova.ios.js for 1.6.0 until we get the final version.
Clean-up of CDFileTransfer class.
Clean-up of CDVLocation and fix static analyzer warnings.
Updated the "Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide" regarding the lower-case "c" cordova object change.
Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide - clarified 1.6.0 step 4(c)
Fix mobile-spec failing test - device.cordova was missing
Added 1.6.0 cordova-js
Typo in Cordova Upgrade Guide for 1.6.0
Fixed CB-474: "How to Use Cordova as a Component" - CordovaLib subproject is missing a step
Fixed CB-475 - FileTransfer js callbacks not working in 1.6.0
Tweak CB-475 - download callback differentiation on error (via @marcuswu)
Updated to latest 1.6.0 cordova-js
Re-fix CB-475
Updated getting started guide link in sample index.html to edge
Drew Walters (15):
Sync up with cordova-js.
Sync BB network native code with cordova-js.
Sync native Capture implementation with cordova-js.
Switch to cordova.require.
Switch to Cordova artwork for icon and loading screen.
Update build to use unified js.
Provide workaround for OS 7 file rename failures.
Normalize Accelerometer values and cleanup.
Sync plugins.xml with NetworkStatus change.
Update the distribution README file.
Cleanup sample html file for 1.6.
Update javascript to latest cordova-js.
Update version to 1.6.0rc1
Update javascript to 1.6.0 version.
Update version to 1.6.0.
Bryce Curtis (6):
[CB-352] Support initializing DroidGap with existing WebView, WebViewClient and webViewChrome. [CB-353] Create PluginEntry object to use by PluginManager.
[CB-367] Back button event should fire on key up not key down Also changed menu key and search key to be consistent.
Tests to verify Android native features.
[CB-423] Problem displaying patch-9 splash screen.
Update project template cordova.js reference and title.
Update to version 1.6.0.
Fil Maj (6):
switched from "require" syntax to "cordova.require"
cordova.require("cordova") is pretty funny. wish i didnt write it
updates to JS: removing require+define from global scope, tweaking geolocation code, online/offline events fire on document now
removed old javascript files and removed unused target + commented out lines in build.xml
spacing fixes, null check in getPhoneType in contacts, returning error integers instead of objects in contacts
updating network status plugin label and updating cordova-js to latest
Joe Bowser (14):
We show the default 404 on non-resolved domains
Fixing CB-210 with patch and adding fix for CB-210
Tweaked File Transfer to fix CB-74
Changing to the modern icon
Added temporary Cordova splash for now
Checking for the callback server before we call sendJavascript for the Kindle Fire, CB-247
Fixing CB-343: We need to respect the whitelist
Fixing a bug with File Upload on Android where Chunked mode isn't used by default
First stab at CB-21, I really need more info before I can close this
Tagged 1.6rc1
Fixing the template, since this doesn't have to be unit tested. :)
Starting Release Process
Updating the sample index.html
Updating with tagged JS
macdonst (12):
CB-383: Fixes issue with misspelled destinationType for Camera.getPicture()
Fix for CB-389: resolveLocalFileSystemURI does not work on a resized image captured from Camera.getPicture()
Fixing license header in com.phonegap.api.PluginManager
CB-321: Media API: 'mediaSuccess' callback param to new Media() is called soon after new obj created
CB-163: contactFindOptions.filter does not work as expected on Android
CB-426: camera.getPicture ignores mediaType in 1.5
Updating for CB-421 and CB-426
CB-438: File metadata.modificationTime returns an invalid date
Return MediaError object and not error code from native side of Media API
CB-446: Enhance setting data source for local files in AudioPlayer
CB-453: FileWriter.append - Chinese characters are not appended to the file correctly
CB-446: Enhance setting data source for local files in AudioPlayer
Jesse MacFadyen (26):
file download API
CB-342 still had navigation to WP7GapClassLib
ignore DS_Store files
ignore generated files
Mark Cast callbacks as Obsolete
remove Cast callbacks from Capture
update device version 1.6.0
update tests for 1.6
update js to 1.6.0
added notice
contact formatting issues
Changes for use with commoner cordova-js
actually this was a rename ...
When execScript fails, it will continue to fail even with an separate thread and multiple tries.
updated mobile spec tests for CordovaJS
removed gen'd js file
spec pages cleanup
ignore changes to the CordovaSourceDictionary.xml
include battery tests in 'all'
minor cleanup
removed unused resources
built cordova-js for WP7 1.6.0
update template for 1.6.0
updated readme, added resource files to BuildStep
actual VS project parsing, to avoid including hidden files ex. .git folders
updated template to use new build script
filmaj (7):
Dispatching onNativeReady trigger from native side on separate patch with slight delay. Definitely need to tweak the delay
Added a constant to multiply accelerometer values by, fixes CB-152 for WP7
Added timestamp to accel return method
[CB-460] Added Battery class that at least returns whether the device is plugged in or not
Added "create" media action
Fixed CB-459, now back button integrated
tweaked how native side picks up on non-command-based exec calls (specifically for back button overriding)
Herm Wong (6):
update README
update README
update README
update README
update README
update README
Markus Leutwyler (2):
Added initial compass support
added HP copyright notice
Steven Gill (2):
updatd to 1.5.0
updatd to 1.5.0
ghtomcat (2):
Added compassAPI function
Added mapping for compassAPI
hermwong (15):
update sample application to demo compass api
changes for
add LICENSE & NOTICE file, CB-356
replace phonegap links with apache cordova links CB-404
update cordova splash / app icon; CB-237
added network connection api
added network connection type api
get compass api to pass mobile spec tests
changes for
add LICENSE & NOTICE file, CB-356
replace phonegap links with apache cordova links CB-404
update cordova splash / app icon; CB-237
added network connection api
added network connection type api
get compass api to pass mobile spec tests
Anis Kadri (4):
tagging 1.6.0rc1
CB-405 updating README.rd
more renaming
changing VERSION to 1.6.0
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