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Becky Gibson (2):
Fixes CB-819 fail callback not invoked
fixes CB-56 popover placement
Don Coleman (1):
[CB-794] Add HTTP status code to FileTransferError object for iOS
Fil Maj (8):
[CB-359] Updates to adhere to W3C spec for geolocation. Changing actions based on changes incorporated into cordova-js
[CB-359] updating JS file too
As per Beckys suggestion, iteration over watch dictionary needs to be done properly
updating to latest JS for geo updates
fixing a bad method invokation in new rewrite of geo
[CB-683] pause/resume events now should pass in event object into handlers
[CB-464] rewrite of accel plugin. not working yet.
[CB-464] Simplified accel to start/stop actions.
Patrick Mueller (1):
[CB-623] added Logger plugin
Shazron Abdullah (35):
FIXED CB-513 - Remove cast functionality from CDVPluginResult, obsolete
Fixed CB-594 - Remove checks for retainCount
Updated bin folder for Cordova 1.7.0
Fixed CB-637 - Add a doc on how to update the template project in the bin subfolder
Added Apache License to all the things
Added Apache License header to more things.
Deleted bin/node_modules, added package.json
Updating Apache license headers on /bin
Added Apache License header to guides and root README
Added Apache license headers to Installer docs
More Apache License header additions to files
Remove console.log (generated file)
Updated debug cli script.
Fixed CB-669 - file in a new Cordova-based application project should not be included in the .app bundle
Fixes CB-471 - LocalFileSystem.PERSISTENT "do not back up" file attribute iOS
Noticed typo in File.getMetadata - error callback had OK instead of ERROR status
Fixes CB-610 - Capture.bundle missing microphone image resources for retina iPad results in mis-drawn recording interface
Fixes CB-751 - Undefined function is called when orientation change
Fixes CB-754 - Use of -weak_library in 'other library flags' of generated template XCode app causes crashes in Simulator when Obj-C Blocks are used
Fixes CB-628 - Scrub installation process, document artifacts of Xcode 3 support, mention no ARC
Fixed CB-628 - Scrub installation process, document artifacts of Xcode 3 support, mention no ARC
Fixes CB-684 - Not enough time for background execution of WebSQL/LocalStorage backup (when app goes to the background)
Fixes CB-766 - Update bin/debug shell script to point to Homebrew ios-sim 1.4 download
Fixes CB-464 - Refactor accelerometer native code in iOS
Fixes CB-760 - Camera returns incorrect image size
Fixed warning in CDVLocation
Fixed EXC_BAD_ACCESS error in CDVAccelerometer
Fixes CB-818 - Make CDVViewController also implement initWithNibName
Fixes CB-825 - Makefile: remove direct download of Markdown and wkhtmltopdf
Updated Makefile to with target to install wkhtmltopdf version 0.9.9 by default (0.11.0_rc1 has perf problems)
Updated the command-line template under the bin folder.
Updated VERSION and associated references to 1.8.0rc1.
Updated Makefile after testing on a system that didn't have homebrew installed.
Updated Guides for 1.8.0
Fixes CB-835 - watchPosition callbacks are not being called
Don Coleman (1):
[CB-793] Add HTTP status code to FileTransferError object
Drew Walters (8):
Move to org.apache.cordova.capture.
Add Media API.
[CB-762] Change BlackBerry plugin from Contact to Contacts.
Prefix file:// protocol for resolveLocalFileSystemURI if not specified.
Move FileUtils from org.apache.cordova.file to org.apache.cordova.util.
[CB-465] Refactor Accelerometer code for addWatch / clearWatch.
[CB-822] Revert change to prefix file protocol for resolveLocalFileSystemURI
[CB-793] Minor formatting cleanup.
Fil Maj (2):
[CB-465] First pass at accel update. Watch acceleration doesnt seem to work yet though
[CB-465] Simplified accel plugin (still based on Drews implementation) to just start/stop actions.
Tim Kim (1):
Updating to 1.8.0rc1
Don Coleman (1):
[CB-792] Add HTTP status code to FileTransferError
Fil Maj (21):
dont check in node_modules peepz!
added package.json for npm install goodness
documented running npm install
comeat me lawyers
adding node_modules to gitignore
restructured geolocation plugin
Fixes for new geo stuff
axing lowercase java file
adding uppercase java file!
updating JS to latest for geolocation updates
[CB-683] Pause and resume events should route through fireDocumentEvent so we get the event object passed into the handler
[CB-683] updating JS for fix for 683
[CB-804] ADded proper cordova icon sizes for the create script
[CB-463] rewrite of accel plugin
[CB-463] added the JS updates for accel refactor
[CB-463] added accuracy checking to native accel implementation, this way getCurrentAcceleration returns fairly accurate results
removed a trailing log
[CB-463] added accuracy checking to native accel implementation, this way getCurrentAcceleration returns fairly accurate results
removed a trailing log
[CB-463] updated js and rewrote accel plugin again to support the start/stop approach. optimized. single callback used for message passing
Small spacing fixes
Joe Bowser (15):
We should not be having a compiled version of cordova.jar in the test directory
Adding Apache Header to Test Directory
Forgot to add lifecycle/index2.html's header
Adding more Apache Headers. Not sure if this should have headers or not
Working towards Apache compliance
Adding more Apache licence headers
Accidentally committed a vim swp file
Adding header to test cordova.xml
updating the test plugins
Removing Default Android Graphics and replacing them with our own
Removing the commons-codec
Updating README telling people to copy commons-codec
Modifying generated classpath
Don't commit Eclipse preferences
Tweaked create so it fetches the commons-codec using curl
Michael Brooks (1):
Fix formatting to install commons-codec-1.6.jar
filmaj (2):
[CB-659] create script should work on android
[CB-659] create script for android on windows now works fully. also pulls down commons-codec jar appropriately
macdonst (5):
Properly querying the Andoid content DB when deleteing an image file
Switch to using stripFileProtocol in FileUtils.notifyDelete
Fix problem in Android template example getPicture
CB-808: CameraLauncher leaks bitmaps in Android
Upping version to 1.8.0rc1
Jesse MacFadyen (19):
CB-520 : back button handling is performed in js code and uses window.history.back()
parent path is now a string and not a FileEntry CB-665
added try/catch for backbutton handling when a page is not loaded in the webbrowser, was an exception
filepath contains the extra slash to match other devices, and passes tests that expect specific filepath string values, although cannonically the same
added output log for audio file not found
added deploy tool to install and launch on device WIP
removed duplicate mobile-spec tests, test project now redirects to tests hosted in the gh_pages branch of mobilespec
debug + emulate scripts
added usage, and parameterized device to deploy to
added command line tools to template
removed debug log
updated bare template with latest changes
Fixed threading issue in audio, + Defect [CB-602], added more info to log statements, INFO/ERROR
removed calls to resolve DNS because they take 30 seconds when no network is available and prevent deviceready
commented out unused - unminified js code
Consolidated exception handling + option parsing
update assembly info for 1.8
added platform info, for sanity
updated example,templates,tests to 1.8.0rc1
filmaj (1):
[CB-466] Rewrite accel for WP7
hermwong (4):
modifications to OS checking in Makefile
CB-557 make sure Makefile works on Win & OSX
update to 1.8.0
added Apache license header
Anis Kadri (3):
updating apache licenses with apache rat
updating VERSION for 1.2
updating Device version
Anis Kadri (15):
updating apache licences with apache rat
adding getPicture and captureImage examples
updating UI
adding captureVideo example
updating cordova.js
updating UI with video capture buttons
updating sample UI
updating cordova.js
updating sample code
adding latest cordovajs
changing filename
updating js reference
updating to lastest js
updating cordova.js version
updating VERSION
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