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b706341 CDVWebViewDelegate header was not public.
474088f Fixes CB-571 Media updates
43c3a45 Updated cordova.ios.js to latest 2.5.0rc1 tag
0005897 Implement useSplashScreen without using a setting
1bfff2d [CB-2389] Distinguish top-level from sub-frame navigations.
7d64f65 Updated version to 2.5.0rc1
0fad4fd [CB-2469] Update JavaScript for iOS (2.5.0rc1)
0e711f8 [CB=2324] iOS config.xml document should use <widget> instead of <cordova>
57c3c08 [CB-2342] Media API allows non-whitelisted audio to be played
96c587b Change default value of splash screen fade to be quicker.
c5d3c00 [CB-2276] Move Splashscreen logic out of CDVViewController
fa03d93 Add a notification so plugins will know when page loads occur.
8bfa788 Make CDVLocalStorage use onReset
45de648 [CB-1693] Allow plugins to be loaded on start-up.
b55609e [CB-2443] Removed classSettings initializer from CDVPlugin
fadf267 [CB-2443] Add pluginInitialize method to CDVPlugin.
8d22b4c [CB-1547] Take two: Ignore iframe navigations in webview delegate methods
a24f146 [CB-1547] Ignore iframe navigations in webview delegate methods
09d5c8f [CB-2276] Remove CDVViewController CDVCapture
53a839c [CB-2276] Remove CDVViewController from CDVSound
70af80b [CB-2276] Remove CDVViewController from CDVLocation
a606ee2 [CB-2276] Add whitelist method to CommandDelegate
81e3332 [CB-2433] Deprecation notice for window.Settings
4001ae1 [CB-2275] Add NSURLCache to app template.
299a324 function name was wrong (case sensitive)
3c3b0c0 CB-2207 Use a custom script for www/ copying.
587d663 Merge branch 'master' of
40e350e Don't call onReset for iframe navigation
fb49c5d Add option for ipad/iphone in cordova/emulate
7f29bed Fix /bin/create script to work with GNU sed in path
6e19115 Use correct MIME-type for asset-library responses.
4fd9731 Uncrustify CDVFile and CDVFileTransfer
9614ceb [CB-2213] Added native URI request handling.
c71f9e6 [CB-2213] Skipped image scaling when possible.
5b09c79 [CB-2213] Added NATIVE_URI to FileTransfer.upload.
8149df9 [CB-2213] Updated a NATIVE_URI error (getParent).
2f6bb31 [CB-2213] Updated errors for write and truncate.
e9a1f8e [CB-2213] Added NATIVE_URI to copyTo and moveTo.
b3ed4ef [CB-2213] Added the AssetsLibrary framework.
2cf8369 [CB-2213] Added NATIVE_URI to three methods.
2af83b1 [CB-2213] Added NATIVE_URI to getMetadata.
5adf243 [CB-2213] Added NATIVE_URI to readAsDataURL.
3a09ca2 [CB-2213] Added NATIVE_URI to getFileMetadata.
c3df2af [CB-2334] Add "body" property to FileTransferError object on iOS
923b2fd [CB-2379] Update CordovaLib Project Settings according to Xcode 4.6 recommendations
6fe71ae Run uncrustify on CDVPlugin.m
ae46724 [CB-2280, CB-2281] SplashScreen fade and rotation
9e39f7e [CB-2395] Fix CDVViewController UserAgent lock
5462edd Updating the JS for 2.5.0rc1
fef51f1 Apparently the JS was wrong when tagging
5cd1773 Tagging 2.5.0rc1. Updating files
cb19205 CB-2458: gracefully exit with back button If users do extra initialization, we can get NPEs when hitting the back button before loadUrl() has been called. -Null fenced code in startOfHistory() that gave us an NPE when hitting Back button with useBrowserHistory=true -Call finish() in Back button code when no history since with useBrowserHistory=true it would just hang while the app inits -Call loadUrlIntoView() first in handleDestory() since with useBrowserHistory=false, the default behavior would try to use the baseUrl which is null
892f96e CB-2282: Turning on AppCache
13ef58a Updated XML for the test project
a45d5a9 CB-1605: Going through Eclipse warnings, removing the unused imports
a31714f CB-2447: This is a non-trivial task. Migrated test plugin to modern plugin API.
23d2a80 Merge branch 'CB-2447' of git://
c20b233 CB-2446: Ugly, but workable fix
8613551 minor readme stuff
2ab01da Adding link to in readme
790636c CB-2447: Remove use of deprecate org.apache.cordova.api.Plugin
2393883 [CB-2213] Add NATIVE_URI to the quick-return logic.
674b870 [CB-2297] Fix for geolocaion database error
83d9248 Update framework/src/org/apache/cordova/
f9d27e4 CB-2408: There should be a check for the browser history, but the logic intentionally doesn't match
2683803 Add check for build targets in create script
dd86d7a [CB-2095] Delete file on fail
1246a81 [CB-2213] Added NATIVE_URI support.
8ab7278 Code clean-up of FileTransfer
3d43c04 [CB-2478] - update BB
3f9ccd1 [CB-2468] - updating javascript
de20d41 2.5.0rc1 release prep
Windows Phone 7
bdead5b updated built js
896f3cb 2.5.0 release prep
11cf614 merge, cleanup
b3c7b81 CB2444 - events not fired
bdc5243 Merge pull request #3 from purplecabbage/CB-2323
451850c <cordova> becomes <widget>
68d024a Merge branch 'topic' of git://
249cfe0 Fixed null pointer exception when this.player.Source is null in the startPlaying method of Audio player. Error callback now works multiple times.
59c3e55 Brand: WebKit
f2b5a6b Spelling: the rest
4a4d7be Spelling: targeting
724e4f2 Spelling: sentinel
33a50f8 Spelling: preferred
c88f414 Spelling: overridden
3f5dcd9 Spelling: notify
bc930a0 Spelling: initialization
bbf08ab Spelling: information
6a8d6ba Spelling: indeterminate
be3b21f Spelling: explicitly
ed37b95 Spelling: determines
2fc7c46 Spelling: compiler
e22f3f8 Spelling: beginning
Windows Phone 8
a450ea8 2.5.0rc1 release prep
066d798 Merge pull request #6 from purplecabbage/CB-2323
45548b2 <cordova> becomes <widget>
c9133fe Merge pull request #5 from purplecabbage/CB-2212
871efd9 checks app resources if iso file does not exist, added mime types for html+js
60256d1 Merge branch 'CB2212-FileResource' of
f3547e1 Events were wrong, not fired correctly
54e6606 detect instances where item is a resource, and use a stream instead of iso-store, wip
46efcec Updating Bada JS, VERSION to 2.5.0rc1
cfcd8a8 updating Device.cpp
37e752c Updating bada-wac JS, VERSION to 2.5.0rc1
cda994f update webOS to 2.5.0
e1b14c0 update to 2.5.0 version of cordova.js
8f8430c update to latest version of files in hello world app
98e937e Updating tizen JS, VERSION to 2.5.0rc1
ca7c54c Updating Qt JS, VERSION to 2.5.0rc1
10e89b5 Version 2.5.0rc1
dc5de67 [CB-571] iOS Audio updates
6d1cf0b [CB-2511] update webos upgrade guide
74ce422 Convert tabs to space in sqlresult document.
50c5392 fix example code for storage api
0df12dd [CB-2449] iOS Cordova Upgrade Guide - missing step
3fd5dba [CB-2413] Docs for callback should say invoked with FileTransferError object, not FileError object
96d41fc [CB-2314] Vet iOS-specific project settings following addition of top-level project settings guide
ce9695a Merge branch 'master' of
cba82af Merge pull request #1 from purplecabbage/CB2319
fb13ce3 added deets for Windows + Windows Phones
d132c2b [#2454] Remove versions pre-dating Apache Cordova.
aaca924 Suppress jodoc perl warnings.
7241192 [CB-2453] Use the generic Apache 2.0 LICENSE file.
0ba4f58 Upgrading Android needed to be updated to 2.4.0
3099f36 [CB-2443] Add docs for pluginInitialize and for onload="true"
7dbbb33 Translate files that newly created in 2.2.0 under cordova directory
c9063b1 Translate files that newly created in 2.2.0
8790857 Update files under guide, fix typos in previous version and en docs
2f0283b Update files related to file, geolocation, media, notification, and storage
c43c64a Update files related to events
3ec40a9 Update files realated to camera, compass, connection, and device. Also, fix some files of jp 2.1.0
25db620 Update files related to accelerometer and also files of jp 2.1.0
86e0c6c Update config.json, and fix typo in jp 2.1.0
c45743b Copy docs/jp/2.1.0 to docs/jp/2.2.0
b5f4cf9 [CB-2407] - no more sample or www folder
ee593b8 [CB-2280]: Documentation for the 2 new properties.
e4be290 Fix typo in formatting. Add mention of --edge arg.
b9bd36c CB-2316: config.xml documentation for BlackBerry.
57a6e3a Last commit should have gone into edge, woops
2730786 CB-2315: working out the config.xml docs for Android a bit more.
842e603 2.5.0rc1
f86d530 CB-2331: adding "body" property on FileTransferError object.
10e1d54 Add a test page for splashscreen.
45999f9 Add a test page with iframes
5457654 Detect Blob create failure in supporting platforms.
3e3d075 [CB-2095] Add test for incomplete file when is aborted.
94d1c00 [CB-2213] Added check for NATIVE_URI constant.
04f0142 [CB-2213] Added Android-specific test results.
49efc5d [CB-2213] Added native URI display tests.
5569edc [CB-2213] Added a test for FileTransfer.upload.
a745736 [CB-2213] Added specific expected error checking.
c5311ea [CB-2213] Added a test for getParent.
f1b2807 [CB-2213] Added tests for write and truncate.
0306175 [CB-2213] Added tests for copyTo and moveTo.
a8a137e [CB-2213] Added three new tests to Camera.
0cb7f68 [CB-2213] Added a new test for getMetadata.
ba2711e [CB-2213] Added a new test for readAsDataURL.
d27c80d CB-2049: use new audio file for audio tests (Jesse must be happy!). audio file hosted on apache infra.
717fe8a fix typo in camera manual test (oops)
9872f72 Add an manual test for FileTransfer
4af4992 [CB-2388] Fixes blob test failing when unsupported
521bbd6 Add missing filetransfer symbols.js files
04e4cea 2.5.0rc1!
efdf3ea [common] CB-2103: added "body" property to FileTransferError.
6133a7e Handle case where these values can be zero, and would be set to null
4f39f4f [Windows8] update version number dynamically
543a578 [blackberry] modulemapper refactor for app plugin.
6d3da39 [all] Move FileTransfer into its own symbols.js.
e389dfd [ios] Move logger init into plugininit.js
d7836c1 [android] Remove plugin code from platform.js
3fb8835 [android] Delete Cupcake localStorage shim.
9de73d5 [all] Fix a corner case in modulemapper.
f47ecc0 [ios] modulemapper refactor for DebugConsole.
0166439 [android] modulemapper refactor for
051c7b4 [all] modulemapper refactor for exec.
a24d53a [all] modulemapper refactor for device.
c8368eb [all] modulemapper refactor for logger.
9e65e75 [all] modulemapper refactor for splashscreen.
34ab9b3 [all] modulemapper refactor for notification.
ac35c71 [android] Remove File symbol mappings in platform.js
8b4f505 [all] modulemapper refactor for media.
3427c50 [all] modulemapper refactor for InAppBrowser.
13af0c0 [all] Add ProgressEvent to file's symbols.js
c726db6 [all] modulemapper refactor for contacts.
fea0508 [all] modulemapper refactor for compass.
06cb69f [all] modulemapper refactor for capture.
fdf89aa [all] modulemapper refactor for Camera.
50c9155 [all] modulemapper refactor for battery.
c9cb3f5 [all] modulemapper refactor for accelerometer.
6fbcdc8 [all] Fix modulemapper for nested namespaces.
377be7a Update lib/webos/platform.js
67f1c6e Update lib/webos/plugin/webos/network.js
41c63c9 initial commit for firefoxos
5ec7041 Fixed Jakefile device building problem
b5cd734 fixed some minor whitespace issues
Hello World App
874b2b8 Version 2.5.0rc1
Cordova CLI
2bb8bac 2.5.0rc1 (2.5.0 in package.json). Removed old test related to webworks scripts. Updated lbiraries to 2.5.0rc1. Added a VERSION file.
c687ba1 2.4.10
07dd924 woops syntax error in package.json
b9d9837 CB-2445: detect global installs into root-only locations a bit more robustly. Warn noisily if this is so and provide specific instructions on how to fix.
c8e05a8 Added Tim to contributors list.
5b57916 No need to inject webworks.js script anymore
64e06c5 2.4.9. Fixed an issue where .gitignore was treated as a platform, added a utility "listPlatforms" function as a result. Fixed emulate specs following making a callback mandatory for all project parser update_project methods.
4304acb Create now adds directories for prepapre+compile hooks.also added tests fro this.
d3a5910 2.4.8. Fixed a bug where i hardcoded a path. baaad. added test for it.
61d29e1 2.4.7. Fixed CLI tools since addition of compile + prepare commands (callbacks were not nested properly). Fixed tests since addition of compile + prepare commands. Rolled back jasmine version since there are issues in 1.2.x. Removed ./bin/notice and put it into bootstrap (for better windows support).
69be67b Update README for prepare and compile.
5c10b0a Separate build into prepare and compile.
2e455a1 better errors in ios min checks
bb8e604 Also adding output to error reporting for android min checks
a4babfc also getting rid of unsafe. not needed.
43d65f9 2.4.6. Adding output of xcode min reqs failing.
51c5053 2.4.5. trying out the "unsafe-perm" config flag to fix permission weirdness
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