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30a9e5c Added updated 2.6.0rc1 cordova.js
fda308b [CB-2790] removed old splice code, replaced with JpegHeaderWriter api calls
99a1cc9 [CB-2790] added splice function to header writer: accepts jpeg as NSData, and splices in exif data specified by a string
b586157 Merge branch 'refs/heads/CB-1285'
24e7373 [commenting] removed xcode auto header block
42341ff [CB-1285] fixed unsued var warning, and incomplete implementation warning
f1d58e8 [CB-1285] uncrustify and added project files to pbxproj
7ab7246 [CB-1285] replaced debugging copy (per byte) with block copy in data splice, removed logging
ac0cb7c [CB-1285] added exif binary string splice operation to camera jpeg case, removed auto header
9e64894 [CB-1285] readded public helper functions supporting splice into existing jpeg nsdata operation
268e852 Updated the Plugin Upgrade Guide
59b65a2 Updated RELEASENOTES for 2.6.0rc1
8a605b3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into CB-1285
9ce85c2 Added __CORDOVA_IOS__ macro
ee862a3 Updated version to 2.6.0rc1
b4b84fd [CB-2759] Update www/ Application for iOS
185389c Added 2.6.0rc1 cordova-js
8b01442 Added KeyboardShrinksView preference to CordovaLibTest config.xml
c960151 [CB-1285] added unit tests for CDVJpegHeaderWriter, tests rational approximation and utility functions involved in the creation of the APP1 data block in a JPEG header. For test of APP1 data block integrity, best method is to read resulting image
fbebe8f [CB-1285] added support for additional metadata provided by camera in iOS updates, tested and refined rational approximation algorith, added support for additional datatypes
a5b8e24 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into CB-1285
8d28567 [CB-2732] Only set camera device when allowed.
cd4eae0 CB-2691: Splashscreen should block user interaction
e9e67d0 Remove some unnecessary argument checks in CDVNotification
0b0b431 CB-2674 Add prompt to Notification API for iOS
411440d Make sure version of uncrustify is correct in the pre-commit hook
e875192 [CB-2384] Re-fix - Add new iOS Project Setting to suppress the form accessory bar above the keyboard
ebb1e34 [CB-2308] [ios] Report errors when InAppBrowser fails to load page
93c1416 [CB-2308] Correctly delegate to CDVInAppBrowser webView:didFailLoadWithError
66caa6a [CB-2699] Bug in dynamic loading of a plugin at CDVViewController's registerPlugin method
8e31e9f Interim .js for [CB-52] FileTransfer Basic Auth
e5af640 CB-2672 InAppBrowserBug fixed
9e47ed8 Uncrustified with v0.60 of the tool (up from 0.59).
b2e9707 [CB-2633] Add FileReader.readAsBinaryString()
f9ba26e [CB-2652] Make FileReader.readAs*() functions run on a background thread
b6e3bb4 Add an associatedObject field to CDVPluginResult.
52702d8 Use noCopy versions of NSString init in Base64 code.
7923974 [CB-1285] removed dead code in implementation, fixed xcode warnings, commented
7ea1e2d [CB-1285] initial commit of exif header writer source, with appropriate license, migrated from incubator repo
8e4a7ae [CB-2194] Remove deprecated - iOS - CDVCommandDelegate registerPlugin method
b694e3c [CB-2195] Remove deprecated - iOS - BackupWebStorage Cordova.plist property change from boolean to string
32f1260 CB-2491: Deprecate current Connection cell setting
37e9e16 [CB-1688] Added a camera direction option.
57982de Changed UIWebViewBounce to DisallowOverscroll.
ec411f1 [CB-1933] Changed button labels to an array.
a28c771 Fixed static analyzer issues.
36acdf5 [CB-2638] Fix iOS project warnings on Retina imgs
dfa5d0a [CB-2618] xcode build from Network Drive Fails
258e5d4 [CB-2634] Copy www fails w spaces in filenames
24cdf44 Retain cycle fix
97b89ed [CB-2384] Add new iOS Project Setting to suppress the form accessory bar above the keyboard
942d33c CB-2436 Wrong splashscreen is displayed when UILaunchImageFile is set
1c88d9f CB-1452 Media position incorrect after being set beyond duration
ef327d1 [CB-2631] Fix crash when bad url given to FT.upload
7219c3c Merge branch 'master' of
76a8be5 Implement readAsArrayBuffer
4dc06fd [CB-2545] Deprecate "EnableLocation" Project Setting - use the "onload" attribute of the <plugin> element
c5bbcb8 [CB-2605] icon-72@2x.png not included in xcode project template
65924ef [CB-2220] Fix splash screen positioning when image is the size of device
9473991 Remove NSLogs accidentally checked in.
822d3a2 [CB-2389] Fix page load detection for late-loaded iframes
227452b [CB-861] Header support for FileTransfer download
92146ff CB-2527: Update iPad splash images to correct sizes
06dcb91 [CB-2220] Size the splash screen in the same way as the launch image
45844dd Merge branch 'refs/heads/next'
3a518ac Merge branch 'refs/heads/next'
e69bd2c Merge branch 'refs/heads/next'
7a039c6 [CB-2220] Fix splashscreen origin when status bar is present
5bd3492 CB-2530 and CB-2239 Multipart plugin result
9096527 Revert accidentaly change in PluginResult that broke threading.
95f16a6 Add KeyboardShrinksView preference to project template
a2de90b Sort preferences in project template.
8641880 [CB-2523] Add setting to shrink webview when keyboard pops up
0b40821 Add a define that turns on logging of exec() bridge
fa4b4ab Merge branch 'refs/heads/next'
633da1b merging popover change [CB-2411]
59b6066 CB-2502: Fixing CDVViewController.commandDelegate property declaration
8301c41 Merge branch 'refs/heads/next'
a1f0efd merge in CB571 audio updates
23428dd Merge branch 'refs/heads/next'
bfdb287 [CB-2461] Distinguish sub-frame from top-level loads in InAppBrowser.
f55d0d9 Merge branch 'next'
709d607 [CB-1547] Scope notifications to WebViews
ff6ef1e JS Changed once again, this will require a retag of 2.6.0rc1
b7e67ff Merge branch '2.6.x' of into 2.6.x
4ab4606 Fixing CB-1700, we had the file names reversed, so exif was never being written right. Needed to upload a file to debug this thing
957f2fd Merge branch 'master' of into 2.6.x
cdbe9c7 Fix NPE in InAppBrowser.
73c7994 Fix NPE in InAppBrowser.
0c74090 Log a message when exec() is made to an unregistered plugin.
f60d54e [CB-2305] Add InAppBrowser injectSriptCode command to support InAppBrowser.executeScript and InAppBrowser.insertCSS APIs
85c2563 Grabbed the wrong JS
31bc015 Pre-2.6 prep
b028ad3 CB-2675: Add prompt dialog to Notification API
d2e4e35 [CB-2715] Simplified readAsBinaryHelper.
1f37200 [CB-1957] Stop any playing media when closing InAppBrowser
77178da [CB-2308] [android] Report errors when InAppBrowser fails to load page
1648f16 Implemented a conditional check to support providing the duration limit for the Android platform SDK 8 and above. The value is passed using the string literal value to ensure the logic is not dependent on SDK version specifics.
9fa6cea Implemented a conditional check to allow for the duration to be provided on the Android platform for SDK 8 and above.
66b827e [CB-2632] Implement FileReader.readAsBinaryString
7755a90 Add a new type to the Native->JS bridge for binary strings.
d25b73f [CB-2546] Moved read calls to a background thread.
ac2969c [CB-2435] Split common methods out of FileUtils into FileHelpers
ee38b2e Use pushd/popd instead of subshell
0f70e04 [CB-1933] Changed button labels to an array.
9fc1e72 CB-2668: Thanks for supplying a patch, but please make sure it actually builds.
0d4d0b8 Adding workaround for ICS asset URLs with spaces
fcd2c98 [CB-2418] Fix geolocation's velocity field broken on Android
e0d0d6c CB-2459: Customize InAppBrowser location bar
ce1a961 CB-2640: Allow InAppBrowser to open tel, sms, market urls
c71a08a Merge branches 'leon' and 'master'
17bfcea Merge branch 'master' of git:// into leon
5e8959b Removing baseURL because it doesn't actually do anything. If we want to make sure remote websites work, we whitelist them
9924dc0 So much for squashing, I should have branched this.
7388c03 Making framework only apply for http resources for now, so we don't break non-http handling. I had to squash this to make it pretty
ad45128 Making framework only apply for http resources for now, so we don't break non-http handling
409b9af CB-2099: Android Whitelisting now blocks images and JS with an empty response
7cc8fd7 Allow plugins to capture shouldInterceptRequest()
42c8105 CB-2623: Updated windows script, now it works here too for once
9a71cc5 CB-2623: Added partial work on update script
c543b74 CB-2623 Adding update script to Android
7caac32 Merge branch 'master' of
5d68d5a CB-2198: Removing option to use our broken URL stack as a history as per deprecation policy.
7187f87 Add readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer support
fb81f3e CB-2596: Fixing the menubutton for text fields
0ae49ed moveFile handles absolute paths by not pre-pending anything to them
b8e5aaf ignore IntelliJ files
aa4820c [CB-861] Header support for FileTransfer download
5d79d6e Merge branch 'next'
c668eeb Added CallbackContext success message with an int parameter
62421ee CB-2530: Update callbackFromNative syntax to args
e791f29 CB-2333: Probably should be re-factored as a do..while, but need to handle when there is no EOL char in buffer
06947cc CB-2333: Adding body property to FileTransferError object on Android
8c97474 Merge branch 'master' of
77a8568 CB-2522: We used buttons in older versions to send the post, not the submit event. Disabled form saving
e2dadbd Fix return types of getJSONObject and optJSONObject in CordovaArgs
17b668a CB-2085: Fixing deleted database for ChildBrowser
a30c2b6 CB-2504: Merged overscroll disallowance, needed to deal with merge conflict with the InAppStorage toggle
2660eeb Merge branch 'master' of
f415664 [CB-2504] Allow the disabling of overscroll glow.
5092b29 [CB-2518] Enable Geolocation in InAppBrowser
d5be901 Merge branch 'next'
fdb3679 Merge branch 'next'
11beb37 Setting to turn off Online Storage
9a26b94 [CB-2766] - updated version
4ab1a56 [CB-2745] - updating javascript again
a6bd8cd [CB-2756] - updating www/ for bb
5f2c12d [CB-2745] - updating javascript
f3ee54c [CB-2809] resolveFileSystemURI now reports native IllegalArgument exception, getEntryFromURI now handles query strings
e50fcd5 [CB-2646] removed mistaken modification to mkdir file access
3dba2ed [CB-2646] added fileSize method to file utilities
1e9e95a Fix create script for Linux
c0af8ba [CB-2696] amended ControlledAccessException error reporting with additional cause of file system edge case
c57ceeb [CB-2649] ammended solution: includes Absolute Value function wrapper, preventing negative values for directory names, as - symbol was causing a crash
703b93b [CB-2649] fix, removes app temp directory name generation based on the CordovaExtension getAppID method, and replaces it with random generation. Also catches offending exception with appropriate error message logging
7326fcb 2.6.0rc1 release updates
Windows Phone 7
37751cf updated js files
404152e update version to 2.6.0rc1
77431c1 Merge branch 'master' of
8df8c7c Merge pull request #8 from bennmapes/CB-2830
6b735cf Merge pull request #9 from bennmapes/CB-2833
2f055ae [CB-2833] Changed git repo urls in scripts
200958b [CB-2830] Delete old cordova js on reversion
8093768 check args.Length before using it
eb43851 error in string.format of exception hander
aaa4a2e Merge pull request #6 from bennmapes/create_script
797e501 Merge pull request #7 from purplecabbage/CB2592
1607639 Invokation->Invocation
acdef7a Remove CordovaMediaonStatus, and CordovaCommandResult
0819634 Fixed up dev scripts to work with cordova-cli
65443b1 removing CordovaCommandResult dependency
aeb213b added OnInit method to basecommand, virtual
Windows Phone 8
6a6a518 Merge branch 'master' of
2d79dd6 2.6.0 rc1 updates
2b98697 Merge pull request #14 from bennmapes/CB-2831
bf8a2c9 Merge pull request #13 from bennmapes/CB-2832
ee6cacf Merge pull request #12 from bennmapes/CB-2833
79fc580 Merge pull request #11 from bennmapes/CB-2830
f054018 [CB-2831] Removed automatic template laoding into VS
72c6337 [CB-2832] Fixed zipping script to ensure all items are copied
b585640 [CB-2833] Changed git repo urls in scripts
54bc1ac [CB-2830] Delete old cordova js on reversion
6850b09 ignore template files
18911e8 Merge pull request #8 from bennmapes/scripting
a0ca12d Added developer support and cli scripts
cf00526 fix warnings for unused variable Exception ex
c652707 Merge pull request #10 from purplecabbage/CB-2692
5f9fe30 add WP8 tooling to deploy apps from the command line
970cf90 Merge pull request #9 from purplecabbage/CB2592
e14552a Oops, all calls were Synchronous for a moment there
f19295d Remove CordovaMediaonResult
57bc645 Removed dependency on CordovaCommandResult, removed obsolete 'cast' param from callbacks
04601fa Updated 2.6.0rc1 cordova.js
28454d0 [CB-2805] ARC weak reference issues in 10.7
9f29a16 [CB-2804] Project does not compile under OS X Lion (10.7)
13d33b0 Updated cordova-js to 2.6.0rc1
c963f55 Added RELEASENOTES and README for 2.6.0
a9794ce Code cleanup, added registerPlugin override.
42ebcc9 Added command line project creation.
985de93 Fixed dynamic linking error with the embedded Cordova.framework
814456e Embed Cordova.framework as a private framework into the CordovaMac project.
5a67ee7 Move CordovaLib folder into its own CordovaFramework project, add as a sub-project to a CordovaMac project.
542771b Implemented CDVDevice core plugin.
7b2fb3d Removed resize restriction (so app can go full-screen)
5bfb9c0 Added plugin support. Core plugins implemented are Device and NetworkConnection.
e0f2cdd Added cordova-app-hello-world
2a4e0f0 Fix index.html cordova exec example.
15c6463 Successful firing of deviceready (works with a hacked cordova.osx.js search for TODO:)
9aac186 [CB-2621] Initial implementation of cordova.exec bridge
15b56f0 Version 2.6.0rc1 with files.
778fc54 Version 2.6.0rc1
a897edd [CB-2781] Create iOS Project Setting for KeyboardShrinksView
abe5d4c [CB-2610] migration guide for 2.3.0 from 2.2.0
901bedc [CB-2609] wrote migration guide for 2.4.0 from 2.3.0
3bf80fe [CB-2735] - fixed up command line usage in the docs for blackberry
b33b2c7 [CB-2545] Deprecate iOS EnableLocation project setting
490fdfc [CB-2677] Whitespace cleanup and convert tabs to spaces.
ce4ac58 CB-2677: Doc adding prompt to Notification API
08d685e [CB-2308] Document loaderror event
fe9cd8d [CB-2695] amended blackberry quirks section with file edge case solutions
d6d5807 CB-2490 Describe NetworkConnection.type.CELL
9c5a68e [CB-2659] Added documentation for NATIVE_URI.
6994f04 [CB-1687] Added Camera.Direction documentation.
e9d7093 Clarification of "Basic authentication"
5716e84 Updated docs for headers
060c2d2 Updated iOS documentation for disallowOverscroll.
1b29284 CB-2525: Correct docs for iOS splashscreen sizes
260e1f5 [CB-2411] Added CameraPopoverHandle documentation.
636cda0 [CB-2670] wrote quirks section for BB file system edge case uncovered in CB-2649
33000b1 [CB-2645] fixed command line usage on BB to reflect changes to scripts brought in by CB-2381, requests 3 arguments, domain ignored
14b7217 [CB-2384] Add new iOS Project Setting to suppress the form accessory bar above the keyboard
2785616 Merge branch 'master' of
4bc3535 Fixing docs for Android for CB-2448
1c37dc8 [CB-2611] - added in minor instruction for bb10
9f11d48 [CB-2611] added instructions for upgrading Blackberry for 2.2 from 2.1
7a1499f [CB-2612] added instructions for upgrading BB for 2.1 from 2.0
8311c58 [CB-2599] Added a step to the upgrade guide.
c281ed2 Docs for readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer
f24e0a9 [CB-2509] - a few minor tweaks
6ba80ba added migration guide from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0
4f84a50 Merge branch 'next'
b26f4b7 updated for 2.5.0
0d803a1 Ammendment to documention for iOS MultiPart PluginResult
9927fcd CB-2540: Document iOS MultiPart PluginResult
e17a27b 2.6.0rc1
64e9bba CB-2680 - Add prompt dialog to Notification API
c5107bb [CB-2729] write mobile-spec tests to handle basic auth tests for FileTransfer download and upload
1546c76 Merge branch 'master' of
001beba [CB-2600] Adding support for more platforms
bcff8c8 [CB-2308] Add Spec tests for InAppBrowser error channel
7b41adc Add to whitelist docs (for InAppBrowser tests)
7725688 Fix FileTransfer 404 test
6956592 Refactor FileReader / FileWriter tests to not use "new File"
6edfe54 [ALL] catch exception trying to xhr to local file to see if it exists
d2834bb [CB-1689] Added a camera direction dropdown.
8bced4e [CB-1933] Added a test for confirmation dialogs.
9d9f919 Remove unreferenced function in camera/index.html
3d6af03 Few more tweaks to camera test page.
f7b2477 Rewrite of camera mobile spec page.
0e6e5c3 CSS tweaks.
59b4c56 Add auto tests for readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer
6c5e49f removing console log, sorry
00c192a Merge branch 'master' of
fd2a5b5 Fixing issue with mobile spec not loading js when PLATFORM unavailable
49306c9 [CB-2389] Add test for an iframe load after main onload
224aaa4 Support loading platform cordova.js files if available
bd72ab3 CB-2548 Add back button to splash screen test
bc23611 Merge branch 'next'
3905507 Should resolve CB-1478. Added XHR and FileReader benchmarks to autobench.
50141d2 using uubench for autobenching
253c68c start of autobench stuff
104709b catch XHR exception in cordova_plugins.json loading code
47593b2 2.6.0rc1
bbf1562 CB-2679 Add prompt to Notification API for js
c6edd57 [CB-2308]: Add loaderror channel to InAppBrowser Plugin
598bbdf [CB-52] API: FileTransfer - Basic Authentication
f97bd69 Add scripts/plugin_loader.js, which runs after bootstrap.
bbb9d79 [webos] modulemapper refactor for platform plugins.
fed8951 [android] Add support for binary strings to the bridge
1d87907 Always pass slice parameters to FileReader
6973f8a Merge branch 'master' of
1b2c037 Merge pull request #3 from purplecabbage/CordovaMediaonStatus
ee04517 [CB-1686] Added a camera direction option.
d79881d [CB-1933] Changed button labels to an array.
2066ee8 [WindowsPhone][CB-2592]Remove global callbacks for media
0b88895 CB-2595: Prompt mode emits confusing log message When Android switches to PROMPT mode, the log message causes confusion for users, especially for those having to support Gingerbread. It is tough though since it can be a legitimate error when restoring state.
22aa62f [WindowsPhone] CB2592, remove CordovaCommandResult
816f094 Add readAsBinaryString and readAsArrayBuffer to FileReader
6df50c0 [OS X] Fixed plugin callbacks not being called
d179d3b Added .gitignore so I can add an empty directory to git
090ab87 [CB-2621] Added OS X platform
d53601e Fixed CB-2620: console.log prints only the first argument on Xcode console
6049d66 [CB-861] Header support for FileTransfer download
Hello World App
54fb5d6 Version 2.6.0rc1
c033a6f Update www/index.html
Cordova CLI
37b92ff 2.6.0rc1 used for libs now. Bumped npm version to 2.6.0. added androids to gitignore.
50e8e4e Merge branch 'master' of
6c844bc Merge branch 'next'
a17c205 Tighter Ripple Ingeration
4ebae85 CB-2628: add link to getting started guides to readme.
0be8a9c Update project path in example section
26c8132 Set missing create options
44fd17d [CB-2733] Consistently throw an Error object.
5ba321a CB-2702: show warning in bootstrap whenever root user is used to install, regardless of location of install.
089bbff Merge branch 'master' of
847040a 2.5.5
859cc05 Handle spaces in emulate command.
b5d9f22 plugin add/rm no longer change top-level www
964e324 Automatic Javascript installation on prepare
21aadeb [CB-2635] Prevent console output in BlackBerry Parser tests.
3885b9b 2.5.4. removed an accidental checkin for
cf499d0 Added prototype ripple support to command line.
29a3d24 2.5.3. added temp and fixture dirs to npmignore. this reduces npm payload from 60MB to 18MB.
7c0d009 2.5.2 package.json version.
bb776c0 Added Michael Wolf to committers list, expanded on "merges" functionality in README
ec020e7 test fixes and convention tweaks following merging in "merges" functionality
c20111f Revert "Revert "added merges to base cli documentation""
6dd5410 Update .gitignore
30f2d5c added merges to base cli documentation
a94d290 added merges to base cli documentation
51f1cc3 added merges tests
293ec62 shifted the update_overrides method out of build and into the parsers
b7bd89a addition of merges functionality
c1c6638 Merge branch 'next'
7a1934d Small readme tweak.
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