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f03d502 [CB-1457] Remove unused CDVMotion core plugin - causes Apple App Store upload rejection
1041cac [CB-1453] Namespace issue of JSONKit (JSONKitSerializingBlockAdditions)
94b0d79 Updated js to newly tagged 2.1.0 cordova-js
8e2825b [CB-1412] iOS Whitelist is never used, all urls will pass the whitelist
132fd93 Updated for 2.1.0
ba63ae2 Updated VERSION to 2.1.0
1539bb1 Updated cordova-js to 2.1.0
6aa58d2 Fix executing legacy plugins when callbackId is null.
cbee723 Removed unused code from bin/diagnose_project (so it can run out of the bin folder)
21d285d [CB-1122] Diagnostic tool for Cordova iOS Xcode projects
1acd9cb [CB-1402] Media API - wrong JavaScript callback is called for onStatus (typo)
bec1bb0 [ios] Renaming macro IsIPad to CDV_IsIPad
c0b09b0 [ios] fixing IsIPad() macro to not depended on include order for correctness.
73f77bf [CB-1384] Online .wav files cannot be played, but ones local to www can
ed7e5e4 [ios] Fix data uri from being blocked
d4db380 The new project template had ARC enabled - set CLANG_ENABLE_OBJC_ARC to NO.
e1781b0 Fix null dereference in file upload when URL is invalid.
f90626c Updated RELEASENOTES for 2.1.0rc2
6deee4f [CB-1338] Update www/ Application
158b64a Added cordova-js 2.1.0rc2
2b03685 Updated VERSION to 2.1.0rc2
6d4790a [CB-1258] Add documentation for the new logic to toggle between different exec() techniques on iOS.
cb33d9f [CB-1315] Setting the view controller's view size in viewWillAppear, use rootViewController
9510225 Merge branch 'refs/heads/CB-1182' into upstream-master
0a99ba3 [CB-1307] Graduation: Remove PhoneGap References
fdbac9b Update .js with fix for broken bridge on 4.2 (CB-1296)
d8575d7 [CB-1182] Fixing IOS6 screen orientation/rotation without breaking ios5.1 or xcode 4.4 build.
a0558e3 Merge branch 'refs/heads/upstream-master' into shazron-master
c0a1bf5 Fixed headers for CDVDebugView
a3eb27d Removed unused script.
964c5c0 Updated README for 2.1.0rc1
a864199 Removed setting of Xcode variable CORDOVALIB (the CordovaLib sub-project in the template uses an absolute file reference now)
0c8eda9 Updated RELEASENOTES for 2.1.0rc1
0b772fb Deployment target for CordovaLib was not updated to 4.2 (we changed it in the template, but not the lib)
9fd1816 Deployment target for CordovaLib was not updated to 4.2 (we changed it in the template, but not the lib)
f1fd9d2 Updated VERSION and cordova-js to 2.1.0rc1, updated hello-world-app to latest
e8630a5 Have the create script call update_cordova_subproject.
ebf4efa Add update_cordova_subproject script.
7ebbd83 Merge branch 'ios6_user_pref_persist_web_storage' of into mmocny-ios6_user_pref_persist_web_storage
1a0dcb7 Fixes #CB-828 Use blocks in
3b00653 Update directory locations for webstorage on ios6. Fix issue with copyTo not working if dest dir didn't exist.
e6788ba Minor cleanups
1d146cc resolving merge
09883f8 Restore backups if they exist, then remove them (for upgrade from 5.1)
b7741dc [ios] On iOS6, set UserDefaults and don't use the LocalStorage Plugin to persists WebStorage
242837e Update cordova.ios.js.
ab39032 [ios] On iOS6, set UserDefaults and don't use the LocalStorage Plugin to persists WebStorage
aa88659 Remove exec() bridge from CordovaLibApp.
2a43d79 Updated interim js (for exec method switching)
fdf8043 Support JS->Native messages via an XHR & URL Protocol.
5a7b1ce Move Echo plugin into CordovaLib from CordovaLibApp.
07ee5c7 Updated project template with interim js
4d88bcc Updated chooseContact implementation for allowEditing
f4ee4ee Udpated CDVContacts chooseContact() to support allowsEditing behavior.
92e159b Refactor peoplePickerNavigationControllerDidCancel, always return dictionnary with id kABRecordInvalidID.
4845fcf Refactor chooseContact() to retreive contact information instead of just a contactId.
5c4b670 Removing references to version 1.7.0
0cb7722 Updating guide for setting up Cordova JavaScript Exception Logging in face of ARC issues
2979d14 [CB-1138] Default logging level for file access should not log file contents.
40de740 Remove copyright header from project file and Info.plist files
8a5173e Register CDVURLProtocol in CordovaLibApp's AppDelegate
9c51ce7 Fix another @if->if typo iOS Makefile
23b7600 Setting supportedOrientations in view controller's init method
2cef313 Add a benchmark into CordovaLibApp for measuring exec() speed.
444a890 [CB-45] Add support for full urls in white-list, extract hostname
ee9704e Copy cordova.ios.js into www/ before Copy Resources instead of afterwards.
b85a497 Fix wrong LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATH in CordovaLibApp for release mode.
f726204 Fixed warnings in CordovaTests
4c37661 Fix ARC errors in CordovaLibApp.
2fab10f Split out CordovaLibApp and CordovaTests into a separate Xcode project.
7b0e6c6 [CB-1192] Update template to set GCC_THUMB_SUPPORT=NO in Build Settings
e70e9cc Fixed warning for CDVNotification
7aa44ac Fixing NSString initWithString with empty string to just use empty string.
0b9c472 Update CDVLocalStorage to new exec format.
46ecf98 Update CDVFile to new exec format.
b4c70c2 Update CDVSound and CDVNotification to new exec format.
09a3a48 Update CDVCamera and CDVConnection to new exec format.
8e97f50 Update CDVLocation to new exec format.
8da8fbc Update CDVFile to new exec format.
151a0f6 Update CDVContact and CDVContacts to new exec format.
886a4fc Update CDVCamera and CDVCapture to new exec format.
01eb22d Update some plugins to new Exec format.
fe006ae Fix typo in Makefile.
24ef5ea [CB-1188] Update Plugin Upgrade Guide for new iOS plugin signature (old one still supported, but deprecated)
13ffa9c [CB-1186] Update, for new install method
1eb3c2c Merge branch 'ARC'
c71f5ed [CB-1173] Clean up default project template
a6b67be Changes for ARC
446d456 [CB-1166] Remove dependency on VERSION file
3c94037 Availability constant should be decimal, not octal
2e06754 [CB-994] CDVLocalStorage core plugin does not fully backup when app setting "Application does not run in background" is YES
75bcbce [CB-1164] Fix warnings and analyzer issues reported with the newer LLVM in Xcode 4.4
2999028 [CB-1124] "create" script (and possibly others) provided in bin directory do not escape arguments
3336c49 Updated project template with interim js.
9dc099f Cleaned up Makefile.
52ba596 Merge branch 'refs/heads/1091' into master
56404a8 Update JS bundle to pull in recent changes to incubator-cordova-js.
3db7593 Enhances iOS FileTransfer's support for upload headers
8300635 Change wire format of exec handler.
07abacf [CB-1149] hello-world sample web app is missing lib folder, in a newly created app
81eb0a6 Removed unused script.
1e48801 Improved bin/test script
6e7ff96 Fixed bin/create to detect both symlinks and regular paths
cfa66b5 [CB-1137] emulate and log script failure when launched from external working directory
9c97f68 Deleted non-cross platform and undocumented bin script
7a1f5c0 [CB-1136] symlink to bin/create script fails
5711d18 Update JS bundle to pull in recent changes to incubator-cordova-js.
fa8cbda Enhances iOS FileTransfer's support for upload headers
ad836cb Change wire format of exec handler.
b8e0f17 [CB-1149] hello-world sample web app is missing lib folder, in a newly created app
4faa296 Removed unused script.
e5e208d Improved bin/test script
385122d Fixed bin/create to detect both symlinks and regular paths
0cd6873 [CB-1137] emulate and log script failure when launched from external working directory
67d25e3 Deleted non-cross platform and undocumented bin script
22982cc [CB-1136] symlink to bin/create script fails
8ba8bc1 [CB-1091] Added check for if xcode is running, and throw error if it is.
b464e4c [CB-1091] Removed installer and related dependencies. Moved original post-install script into makefile under "install" target (which is default target).
c181db1 [CB-1105] Add JSONKit doc issue for iOS Plugin Upgrade Guide
26a5b13 [CB-1000] Namespace issue of JSONKit and other external libraries
05eaee3 Removed trademark symbol from the end of Apache Cordova for the sample app in the default template.
49d7c61 Updating to 2.1.0
a1d8ea1 [CB-1429] - updating www app
039bdec [CB-1414] - updating javascript
d6084dc Forgot webworks reference
936e26b Updating version
3d7b4ce Updating sample app
d97cac0 Synching javascript
33d9a3a No more references to phonegap in the readme
0df5633 Remove reference to callback
6d73373 Fixed up links in the readme
9cebb3e Updating readme
67b391f Fix for hello world app to work with 2.1.0rc1 out of the box
eb145bf Updating hello world app
a50a058 hack to support building alongside bb10
8e1b9ba get rid of bundled webworks.js
b811557 get rid of error warning
690e80c Updates for the new Webworks SDK
94bfc06 Synching javascript
ad39f54 2.1.0rc1
724ee4d Synching javascript files
0d77ad5 Fixed blackberry.xml so it doesn't package the qnx stuff
98b4c9a made sample project work on bb10 with a custom config.xml and including webworks.js
ce8c37b added cordova.qnx.js from my branch of cordova.js
f85a39c added some notes for BB10 Development
dad90af added initial building support for bb10
62a9301 Synching up javascript files
625d3e5 Spell BlackBerry with two capital B's
33782b8 Allow for spaces in directory paths
aaeb70f Fix file path issue
8b7a0c4 Using Mike's hello world as the default sample app
9dda45d trying to get mike's sample app as new sample template
19b5ee8 Synching up javascript files
311a2f6 Updating JS with feeling - See CB-1420
59a3cf9 Tagging 2.1.0
a42f095 CB-1409: Clicking the menu button crashes Jellybean
a293405 CB-1293: Camera.getPicture crashes when selecting from a Picasa album on Android
5ad7a7c Forgot to put back echo
c6fa7e4 Reverting to the previously known to work config.xml, we'll introduce the new format in 2.2
d4b248f Merge conflict on the plugins
48881d0 Adding support for data uri
3310244 Fixed the backbutton issues with the keyboard without causing issues with the menu button so far
9d0c534 CB-1304: Update PhoneGap References to Apache Cordova
dc40d8a CB-1335: Update www/ Application
005877b CB-1303: Remove References to the Callback Project
774d217 Tagging 2.1.0rc2
12e5b39 Fixing failing 'should return MediaError for bad filename' Media test case
4d5e452 CB-1358: Getting Force Close in incoming Cal while recording the Audio?
1ba3ecb [#1301] Remove
db6695c [#1305] Remove guides/ directory
b3f5e03 Fixing ' - should handle unknown host' failing mobile-spec test case
c3e17fb Fix broken file upload in mobile-spec tests (CB-1290).
f7ae7fe CB=1293: Camera.getPicture crashes when selecting from a Picasa album on Android
e078223 CB-1289: The menubutton event fires twice
07439ff Refactor to avoid adb warnings of VFY: on start-up.
f111c24 Tagging 2.1.0rc1
c3502da arg forgot dest file
4012108 Merge branch 'master' of
4a0605e CB-1235 Fixing Android create script on Windows
250380d Implement LOAD_URL exec bridge.
b30f5d7 Fix JS timers being disabled on pause and never re-enabled.
b00cd9b Updating the .gitignore file
e11f8f6 Greatly improve speed of fetching contacts.
92b1de8 Update to pull in exec changes.
bbafe53 Added Native-JS bridge mode that uses private WebView APIs.
e239fd9 Implement the online events based Native->JS bridge.
7fa4515 Implements the LOAD_URL Native->JS bridge mode
b40eb0a Fix API lint warnings in CordovaChromeClient and CordovaWebViewClient.
5e3e9dd Refactor Native->JS messaging logic into its own class.
a9a5284 Merge branch 'master' of
afe504d CB-1267: Reuse Media object for recording
0c484dd Make Eclipse recognize framework as a library project
8d0e806 CB-1264: Media.stop() puts media into an unplayable state
1d28506 Fix for CB-1257
1b33dbe Provide an addJavascriptInterface() exec object.
80654c0 Add an Echo plugin for benchmarking purposes.
999c548 Fix FileTransfer running out of memory over HTTPS (CB-312).
e42913a Fix API Level linter errors in
ee07cbe Merge branch 'master' of
fffaa9b Forgot to add the Apache headers on
6195b2c CB-930: DirectoryReader creates null error code for inaccessible directory
2dc0727 CB-1151: decodes the URL, resulting in a 404 error
a219fea Downgrade min sdk version of sample app
f3a09da Modify min sdk version in AndroidManifest.xml
946e345 Add service methods to legacy ctx varialbe
6cb8d11 CB-1196: No onSuccess callback after a complete play of the local mp3 file
fdcf9c5 Reapply: CB-1211: Media record uses a .mp3 extension when it is a .3gp file
45c714c reset of seekOnPrepared changed to properly reset only once playback has begun
7352a30 CB-1217: Clicking back button does not dismiss navigator.notification.alert() dialog
b297fe6 Fix a NPE in GeoBroker when there is no previous location.
e575212 GeoBroker checks if location service avialable for device first.
c52dc10 CB-1212: When camera is started, and then cancelled with no photo, attempt to read exif data results in fatal error
d35c913 CB-1211: Media record uses a .mp3 extension when it is a .3gp file
9bac59b CB-1206: file uri not handled correctly by Media Player
5016253 Update to use latest Android SDK
0389307 Merge branch 'master' of
d3dc94c CB-578 - Adding a test of pause and resume to make sure that they're being called. Need to elaborate on this
af0feab Prefer setFixedLengthStreamingMode over setChunkedStreamingMode in FileTransfer.
81ab0a4 I forgot that Jellybean has some wacky changes on the onKeyUp and onKeyDown events, fixing CB-1181
ecd6ca0 Moving the fix for # and ? to a new class to fix CB-995
db7ee19 This was a red herring. There was an XML error on the example when compared with master
2ec0b60 Commenting out this past code, turns out this breaks more things than it fixes: CB-1101
79feb6d CB-1101: Specifying Jellybean means that we have to override the default CORS policy
8013b76 Adding functionality to read a config.xml file with plugin details implemented inside of it
a29b8e5 Caught error with the back button again. backHistory actually goes back in history, used canGoBack() instead
9ef487a fixing replace for mountain lion
563fa46 Merge branch 'master' of
7865c06 CB-1148 fix for directories with spaces
3d53b92 Adds FileTransfer support for upload headers.
f2afa4d Tweaking the Android Manfest to cope with new target changes: CB-1147
893ecec Minor fix to deal with weird keyboard focus issues and the back button. CB-1146
401584d Throwing code over the fence for CB-1128, We need a Samsung Galaxy S running 2.3.5 to confirm this fix
b234b0b Utility Methods based on Feedback
b9b2c6a Updating sample project
1d2efa0 Fixing leaking sockets
Windows Phone
22477ea updated JS from new tag
eb7e6f1 removed built dll, source only in the repo now ...
f1a8e12 updated VERSION to 2.1.0
1e9b4fe updated cordova.js for 2.1.0
1925d76 Merge branch 'master' of
fe9e0a8 removed verbose console output, added default address type 'home', [CB-1374] escape new line char in returned contacts.
a27394b added param to retain callback script, renamed MediaStates, fixed deserialization error
051bd86 bump version to 2.1.0
ae300da timestamps were incorrect, leaving JS to create timestamps that are consistent with other platforms.
2fd27cb allow appending to files
1fa215c update hello app html
027d90b update hello app, rejigger beep linkage
e35f30b Startup Object not set when changes to namespace
e4126b2 removed warning, unused var
a50bcbb updated to latest hello app + latest cordova-js
d011080 Notification.confirm buttonLabels are not a real array, but a comma delim string.
86611cd MediaElement only supported one at a time, CB-941, CB-988
7cc000f Merge branch 'master' of
1d7b999 Merge pull request #19 from purplecabbage/Lib.vs.Proj
932e0a3 paths are resolved via BaseCommand which conditionally adds the DLL resource path if built into a library project
610273d [#1313] Update PhoneGap references to Apache Cordova.
b781273 CORDOVA_CLASSLIB build time define to resolve resource linkage
e13733a updated readmes
4d2a0f6 Cleanup tests, added readmes
6c1e959 updated Device.cs for 2.1.0rc1
a205a24 remove old custom lib version, not supported lately
764f10b mass rename for 2.1.0rc1
d99b563 CB-1252
86d1b25 adjusted contact deserialization for updated exec calls
9c0c1f8 Merge pull request #18 from purplecabbage/CB-629
47e4b1a File tests passing
f82ab3d [CB-1174]
c737859 Merge pull request #17 from hermwong/5373b5ba334c7ad0aced8bc12637d0cb12ef480a
5373b5b CB-805 getCurrentHeading returns success only once
d04b87a [CB-1112] overridebackbutton
3ace500 update hello world example app for 2.1
70eebbb update to 2.1.0rc1
6bf358d updating cordova.js
6df4c2c updating to latest cordova.js
0172371 updating VERSION file
e925311 removing irrelevant files and fixing a minor js issue
7bc7982 removing unused files
baf1e63 updating to latest hello world app
19d5be8 updating www
db7563e updating version and reference to file
493720e updating javascript and version
8bd1eb4 updating icon
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