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-Becky Gibson (7):
- iOS updates for Media
- Update for iOS Unified JS
- Updating contacts for unified JS
- Fix ret val and Notification.confirm
- More Unified JS bug fixes and code cleanup
- Fixes cb-361 & use timeout to turn off compass sensor
- Fix CB-427 add back iOS only getPicture options
-Ben Birch (1):
- Remove extra newlines from before content-length header so content-length is not interpreted as part of the body
-Fil Maj (25):
- device initialization going with a require-based pattern
- require syntax for firing events in ios
- tell webview that native is ready after didFinishLoad
- adding a getConncetionInfo method for compatibility sake
- using require in pluginresult helper funcs. added getConnectionInfo method to connection plugin to line up with other platforms
- updating plist of plugin names -> classes to adhere to common labels
- Rewrite of accel and removing DeviceInfo drop from old init approach
- added warning about changing compiler settings in xcode
- Accel values should be doubles. and doubles shouldnt be created via an integer constructor. duh
- tweaking battery plugin for cordova-js use
- updated interface to get camera working. dropped a whole bunch of todos in terms of cleanup
- rewrote Location class to use cordova-js unified approach.
- updating refs from require("cordova") to just "cordova", and other require calls to cordova.require
- updating subproject cordovalib steps
- reverting my breaking commits to location. also fixes compass!
- part of the way there for fixing location + compass
- return error code as integer in contacts
- updates for location for cordova-js integration
- added unification of accelerometer values on ios (based on android values)
- removed old JS, added cordova-js version
- changes to cordovalib makefile for generating JS
- added cordova-{VERSION}.js file to gitignore
- updating references to js file/folder in root makefile
- Changing name of Network Status plugin label to NetworkStatus
- updating JS to latest cordova-js drop
-Marcus Wu (1):
- Change FileTransfer download to not use a blocking call
-Shazron Abdullah (80):
- Fixed CB-260: Can't install Phonegap with new Xcode 4.3
- Fixed clobbered {VERSION} parameter in release notes.
- Fixed Xcode app detection (using Spotlight) in Makefile
- Fixed CB-306 - Remove extra template App delegate methods
- Fixed release notes which had truncated lines, and removed lines that did not convey any useful information.
- Fixes CB-255 - iOS: a parameter with value 'null' is not passed to 'arguments' array
- Fixed CB-236 - Add ContentLength Header in Upload request
- Fixed CB-300 - CDVFileTransfer crashes with 303 and empty response
- Fixed CB-148, CB-316: Playing HTTP / HTTPS urls using the Media API is not working
- Improved Makefile for mixed Xcode 4.2 and Xcode 4.3.1 environment.
- Fixed CB-329 - Add warning if multi-tasking is not supported on an iOS device (to console log)
- Fixed CB-317 : Xcode: Shell Script Invocation Error when directory has spaces in name
- Fixed CB-330 - localStorage / SQLDatabase no longer persistent after iOS 5.01 update Fixed CB-347 - iOS 5.1 localStorage / SQLDatabase error after upgrading an app
- Fixed shell script error - picks up new location of cordova.js now
- Fixed NOTICE file with correct project name
- Cleaned up and tweaked CDVLocalStorage fixes for CB-330, CB-347
- Fixed static-analyzer warnings.
- Added new CDVCommandDelegate stub to MainViewController
- Prep Release Notes for 1.6.0rc1 release.
- Added 1.6.0 constants
- CDVLocalStorage class method renamed
- Added older plugin compatibility headers.
- Renamed IsiOSVersion macro to IsAtLeastiOSVersion
- Fixed CB-49 - UUID replacement
- Updated Release Notes for 1.6.0rc1
- Fixed wrong key for FileTransfer core plugin
- Added 1.6.0.rc1 cordova-js
- Updated VERSION to 1.6.0rc1
- Fixed CB-349 - Remove sessionKey usage (unused) in CDVViewController
- Fixed CB-237 - Updated splash screen assets
- Typo for __CORDOVA_1_6_0
- Added stubs for CDVLocalStorageTests
- CordovaLib: for easier testing, added CordovaLibApp scheme+target for application tests, as well as unit tests.
- Removed last remnants of PG prefix in the code, with one deprecated method in CDVURLProtocol
- Fixed CB-412 - main.m is missing Apache source license header
- Removed strange whitelist entry from Cordova.plist
- Fixed CB-387 - try/catch wrapper in native iOS code for cordova-js initialization firing alerts when page without cordova.js is loaded in
- Removed space in service name for "Splash Screen" in Cordova.plist
- Fixed CB-425 - Notification buttons and title are not working for confirm and alert
- Fixed CB-440 - (LLVM-GCC only) Wrong number of arguments specified for 'deprecated' attribute
- Fixed CB-441 - make fails if installed at a path with spaces in a folder name.
- Fixed CB-444 - Xcode template new project - AppDelegate's self.invokeString usage was removed
- Fixed CB-380 - Update Cordova Upgrade Guide for 1.6.0
- Fixed CB-445 - Update "How to use Cordova as Component" Guide for 1.6.0
- Fixed CB-381 - Update Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide for 1.6.0
- Fixed formatting in "Cordova Upgrade Guide"
- Fixed formatting in "How to use Cordova as a Component"
- Fixed CB-406 - Update
- Fixed CB-433 - CDVFileTransfer.m methods - convert use of "options" object into "arguments" array
- Removed verbose logging to only print under DEBUG configuration.
- Fixed CB-377 - add a check for PM_APP, XC_APP, and DEVELOPER in the Makefile
- Fixed CB-407 - Update Release Notes for 1.6.0
- Fixed CB-410 - Update Cordova version for 1.6.0
- Re-fix CB-444 - Xcode template new project - AppDelegate's self.invokeString usage was removed
- Interim cordova.ios.js for 1.6.0 until we get the final version.
- Clean-up of CDFileTransfer class.
- Clean-up of CDVLocation and fix static analyzer warnings.
- Updated the "Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide" regarding the lower-case "c" cordova object change.
- Cordova Plugin Upgrade Guide - clarified 1.6.0 step 4(c)
- Fix mobile-spec failing test - device.cordova was missing
- Added 1.6.0 cordova-js
- Typo in Cordova Upgrade Guide for 1.6.0
- Fixed CB-474: "How to Use Cordova as a Component" - CordovaLib subproject is missing a step
- Fixed CB-475 - FileTransfer js callbacks not working in 1.6.0
- Tweak CB-475 - download callback differentiation on error (via @marcuswu)
- Updated to latest 1.6.0 cordova-js
- Re-fix CB-475
- Updated getting started guide link in sample index.html to edge
+Shazron Abdullah (12):
Fixed CB-496 - Camera.getPicture - will always return FILE_URI even though DATA_URL specified
Fixed CB-497 - online and offline events are not being fired in 1.6.0
Fixed CB-501 - orientationchange event is not being fired in 1.6.0
@@ -125,170 +15,32 @@ Shazron Abdullah (80):
Re-fix CB-347 - don't apply .plist fix if the key does not exist
-Drew Walters (15):
- Sync up with cordova-js.
- Sync BB network native code with cordova-js.
- Sync native Capture implementation with cordova-js.
- Switch to cordova.require.
- Switch to Cordova artwork for icon and loading screen.
- Update build to use unified js.
- Provide workaround for OS 7 file rename failures.
- Normalize Accelerometer values and cleanup.
- Sync plugins.xml with NetworkStatus change.
- Update the distribution README file.
- Cleanup sample html file for 1.6.
- Update javascript to latest cordova-js.
- Update version to 1.6.0rc1
- Update javascript to 1.6.0 version.
- Update version to 1.6.0.
Fil Maj (1):
version 1.6.1
-Bryce Curtis (6):
- [CB-352] Support initializing DroidGap with existing WebView, WebViewClient and webViewChrome. [CB-353] Create PluginEntry object to use by PluginManager.
- [CB-367] Back button event should fire on key up not key down Also changed menu key and search key to be consistent.
- Tests to verify Android native features.
- [CB-423] Problem displaying patch-9 splash screen.
- Update project template cordova.js reference and title.
- Update to version 1.6.0.
-Fil Maj (6):
- switched from "require" syntax to "cordova.require"
- cordova.require("cordova") is pretty funny. wish i didnt write it
- updates to JS: removing require+define from global scope, tweaking geolocation code, online/offline events fire on document now
- removed old javascript files and removed unused target + commented out lines in build.xml
- spacing fixes, null check in getPhoneType in contacts, returning error integers instead of objects in contacts
- updating network status plugin label and updating cordova-js to latest
-Joe Bowser (18):
- We show the default 404 on non-resolved domains
- Fixing CB-210 with patch and adding fix for CB-210
- Tweaked File Transfer to fix CB-74
- Changing to the modern icon
- Added temporary Cordova splash for now
- Checking for the callback server before we call sendJavascript for the Kindle Fire, CB-247
- Fixing CB-343: We need to respect the whitelist
- Fixing a bug with File Upload on Android where Chunked mode isn't used by default
- First stab at CB-21, I really need more info before I can close this
- Tagged 1.6rc1
- Fixing the template, since this doesn't have to be unit tested. :)
- Starting Release Process
- Updating the sample index.html
- Updating with tagged JS
+Joe Bowser (4):
Copying new XML into the templates for 1.6.1. Turns out tags are broken
Getting setup to tag 1.6.1
CB-489 - Adding .js to the example, thought it was removed for a reason
Adding fix for CB-482
-macdonst (15):
- CB-383: Fixes issue with misspelled destinationType for Camera.getPicture()
- Fix for CB-389: resolveLocalFileSystemURI does not work on a resized image captured from Camera.getPicture()
- Fixing license header in com.phonegap.api.PluginManager
- CB-321: Media API: 'mediaSuccess' callback param to new Media() is called soon after new obj created
- CB-163: contactFindOptions.filter does not work as expected on Android
- CB-426: camera.getPicture ignores mediaType in 1.5
- Updating for CB-421 and CB-426
- CB-438: File metadata.modificationTime returns an invalid date
- Return MediaError object and not error code from native side of Media API
- CB-446: Enhance setting data source for local files in AudioPlayer
- CB-453: FileWriter.append - Chinese characters are not appended to the file correctly
- CB-446: Enhance setting data source for local files in AudioPlayer
- CB-472: does not actually seek to the beginning of the file
+macdonst (2):
Remove duplicate files from repository
Automatically update index.html in templates directory on version change
-Jesse MacFadyen (29):
- file download API
- CB-342 still had navigation to WP7GapClassLib
- ignore DS_Store files
- ignore generated files
- Mark Cast callbacks as Obsolete
- remove Cast callbacks from Capture
- update device version 1.6.0
- update tests for 1.6
- update js to 1.6.0
- added notice
- contact formatting issues
- Changes for use with commoner cordova-js
- actually this was a rename ...
- When execScript fails, it will continue to fail even with an separate thread and multiple tries.
- updated mobile spec tests for CordovaJS
- removed gen'd js file
- spec pages cleanup
- ignore changes to the CordovaSourceDictionary.xml
- include battery tests in 'all'
- minor cleanup
- removed unused resources
- built cordova-js for WP7 1.6.0
- update template for 1.6.0
- updated readme, added resource files to BuildStep
- actual VS project parsing, to avoid including hidden files ex. .git folders
- updated template to use new build script
+Jesse MacFadyen (3):
cleanup console logging, toLower on OverrideBackButton
updated for 1.6.1
updated template, permissions, and js
-filmaj (7):
- Dispatching onNativeReady trigger from native side on separate patch with slight delay. Definitely need to tweak the delay
- Added a constant to multiply accelerometer values by, fixes CB-152 for WP7
- Added timestamp to accel return method
- [CB-460] Added Battery class that at least returns whether the device is plugged in or not
- Added "create" media action
- Fixed CB-459, now back button integrated
- tweaked how native side picks up on non-command-based exec calls (specifically for back button overriding)
-Herm Wong (6):
- update README
- update README
- update README
- update README
- update README
- update README
-Markus Leutwyler (2):
- Added initial compass support
- added HP copyright notice
-Steven Gill (2):
- updatd to 1.5.0
- updatd to 1.5.0
-ghtomcat (2):
- Added compassAPI function
- Added mapping for compassAPI
-hermwong (16):
- update sample application to demo compass api
- changes for
- add LICENSE & NOTICE file, CB-356
- replace phonegap links with apache cordova links CB-404
- update cordova splash / app icon; CB-237
- added network connection api
- added network connection type api
- get compass api to pass mobile spec tests
- changes for
- add LICENSE & NOTICE file, CB-356
- replace phonegap links with apache cordova links CB-404
- update cordova splash / app icon; CB-237
- added network connection api
- added network connection type api
- get compass api to pass mobile spec tests
+hermwong (1):
update to 1.6.1
-Anis Kadri (12):
- tagging 1.6.0rc1
- CB-405 updating README.rd
- more renaming
- changing VERSION to 1.6.0
- adding NOTICE file
- fixing callbacks
- fixing sample app
- adding cordova.js to avoid users generating it
+Anis Kadri (4):
updating bada project parameters
adding artwork and removing old phonegap references
CB-4 adding Apache Source Headers

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