Git Setup

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This article will help you install Git and grab a GitHub account.

Even if you have Git installed, it is worth jumping down to Configuring Git to deal with line endings and turn on colours.

Installing Git

Configuring Git

Generating SSH Keys

A SSH key allows you to authenticate with GitHub, so that you can transfer data between your computer and the GitHub server.

Simplify the SSH Key Passphrases (Optional)

If your SSH key has a passphrase, then you will need to enter it every time Git authenticates with your key. If this sounds annoying to you, then you will be interested in this article:

Dealing with End of Lines

Incorrect line endings are really annoying.

Cross platform projects need to deal with the different character codes used to terminate a line. Most UNIX and OS X systems use a linefeed (LF) character, while Windows uses a carriage-return and linefeed (CRLF) to terminate a line.

One problem is that text editors usually use your system's default line ending. Some text editors go as far as updating the whole file to the system's default line ending. The result is that Git may see a single line edit as rewriting the entire file, because the line ending of every line was changed.

We are using LF for PhoneGap Documentation. If you submit a commit using CRLF, then we will sadly reject it and ask you to fix the line endings. So, please configure your Git setup by following this article:

Dealing with Filemodes (Windows-only, Optional)

On Windows, your repository may report modified files that are only filemodes differences.

For example:

$ git status
    modified: one/
    modified: another/
$ git diff
    diff --git a/one/ b/one/ 
    old mode 10755
    new mode 10644

The solution is to disable filemode on your current Git repository. You should also disable filemode globally, so that future projects do not have this problem.

git config core.filemode false
git config --global core.filemode false

Adding Colour to Git

Colours are nice and easy to setup with the following command:

git config --global color.ui true

Now you will have terminal colours for all Git commands.

GitHub Setup

Learn Git

  • GitRef: By GitHub. A great way to be introduced to Git.
  • GitHub Help Pages: A bunch of simple Git configuring and contributing principles.
  • Pro Git: More advanced Git explained with lots of nice graphs.