React components implementing Topcoat components
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Topcoat Preact Components

Preact components implementing Topcoat components

Demos and API:


  • Button
  • Button Bar
  • Large Button Bar
  • Quiet Button
  • Large Button
  • Large Quiet Button
  • Call To Action Button
  • Large Call To Action Button
  • Checkbox
  • Icon Button
  • Quiet Icon Button
  • Large Icon Button
  • Large Quiet Icon Button
  • List
  • Navigation Bar
  • Notification
  • Radio Button
  • Range
  • Search Input
  • Large Search Input
  • Switch
  • Tab Bar
  • Text input
  • Large Text Input
  • Textarea
  • Large Textarea


To run the Storybook in dev mode:

  • npm start
  • Then open http://localhost:9001/ in a browser

Before committing changes

Before committing any changes, the project must be built to the docs directory, which will be published at [][storybook]

  • npm run build to build the components into dist
  • git add . && git commit && git push or whatever your git workflow is...