Workshop / lab content covering end to end plugin development
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Plugins Workshop/Lab Outline

Total time: 60 minutes

a previous incarnation :

Discovery, Installation, Definition of Plugins

approximate duration : 15 minutes

  • what is a plugin and when is it useful
  • examples are popular core and community plugins
  • npm as a cordova plugin registry
  • cordova/phonegap tooling to add|remove|ls plugins
  • a walk through the plugin.xml format
    • defining platform code
    • shared js code
    • id/name/version
    • dependencies
    • tools to use to create plugins, plugman, phonegap/phonegap-plugin-template
    • exercise, create a plugin using above tools, make it depend on 2 other plugins, install it
  • what's next in plugin definition? package.json

Plugin Implementation

approximate duration : 30 minutes

  • what domain knowledge is required?
  • what can plugin code do?
  • how do we pass data from js->objc? js->java? java->js? objc->js?
  • the various parts of a plugin
    1. a js interface, this is what app developers call
    2. a native interface (ObjC or Java) this is where the work is done
    3. cordova provides the plumbing to get your js arguments into native
    4. cordova provides callbacks so native code is run asynchronously
    5. app developer provided callback functions are called with the result
cordova.exec(successCallback, // function to call with results on success
             errorCallback,   // function to call with error
             strClassName,    // String name of class in native code
             strMethodName,   // String name of function
             ["a","b",... ] ); // array of string args, possibly empty


  1. cordova will look for a cordova plugin interface matching strClassName
  2. cordova will look for a method matching strMethodName on the interface above, and call it, passing in an object which contains the arguments as well as a callback id which can be used to signal success of failure. This callback id will then be routed to the correct callback.

- (void)strMethodName:(CDVInvokedUrlCommand*)command


  1. cordova will look for cordova plugin interface matching strClassName
  2. cordova android code will call the plugin's execute method and pass an action of 'strMethodName' plus the arguments

public boolean execute(String action, JSONArray args, CallbackContext callbackContext) throws JSONException

  • exercise: implement a round trip data passing echo plugin

Plugin Publishing

approximate duration : 15 minutes

  • how to share plugins
    • common naming conventions (cordova-, phonegap-, ionic-, telerik-)
  • publishing with npm
  • publishing with plugman

Advanced Topics ~ Time permitting

Plugin Testing

  • how does Apache Cordova test plugins?
  • how does PhoneGap test plugins?
  • tools to help you, paramedic, jasmine, jshint
  • demo paramedic running tests against a plugin
  • exercise: write and run some simple tests for a plugin