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Master branch is currently unstable due to downstream packages (). Please check out and use the commit a1eb5fcba97ac0d8cdf8e8e1c7a497fa47e3b608.

An event-driven, non-blocking GraphJS Server.

Extends Pho REST Server APIs. For more information, check out

GraphJS-Server does not rely on a third party HTTP Server such as NGINX or Apache HTTPD. But it is recommended that you run it behind a proxy server for static assets and caching.


Heroku Installation

Heroku is popular cloud provider by Salesforce. To install, just click the button below, and when asked, fill in the form with your email (you don't need to touch any other fields):


WARNING for Heroku installations: Since GrapheneDB (the cloud Neo4J provider) provision takes longer than app's initial build and launch, you will need to wait at least 5 minutes before testing your instance after setup. If it still doesn't work, try rebooting the app after it's built for the first time. This is a common issue first-time Heroku installers are facing, please beware.

Once Heroku is deployed you can test it with the /whoami command with a GET request to https://{my_heroku_instance}

Feel free to watch this video at for a preview of the process.

Manual Installation

In case, heroku installation is not an option for you, here are the steps to install it manually:

  1. The recommended way to install pho-server-rest is through git. MacOS and most UNIX operating system come with git equipped.

    git clone

    If you are on Windows or don't have git preinstalled, you may download and install git from, or just download the graphjs-server zip tarball from and extract.

  2. Install the PHP dependencies using Composer.

    composer install
  3. Create a copy .env.example file as .env file.

  4. Update the .env file.

    1. Set the Neo4j username and password of INDEX_URI. For example:


    3. Set values of MAILGUN_KEY, MAILGUN_DOMAIN. (Optional)

Tips & Tricks

  • React\Http\Io\ServerRequest is an important file to understand how to process server requests.

  • It is recommended to install the php eio extension.



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