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A simple static page generator for v2 sites. v2 is a micro social networking platform for people to connect around shared interests and affiliations. You may take a quick look at the platform and its capabilities at


For getting started, you just need to install the Node dependencies using NPM by typing in:

npm install

Please note, this repo covers only the frontend components. For the backend, you need to install GraphJS-Server. GraphJS-Server can be run on your own servers, or it can be deployed in one-click to Heroku. For more information, check out GraphJS-Server README and/or this instructional video


To generate a site, type in:

bin/generate {group_name} {group_title} --id {public_graphjs_id}


  • group_name is a short ASCII string
  • group_title is the title of your site; may contain space and special characters.
  • public_graphjs_id is your GraphJS ID. You can fetch one from

Your site will be generated under dist/{group_name} ready to be served statically.

Alternatively, you may generate a dynamic site by typing:

node server

but this is not the recommended way to run your site, it is good for preview only. You would need to create a .env file in the root of the installation; check out .env.example to see what values are required for the .env file. Then, the network can be displayed in a browser at the address (with default settings.)



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