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Pho-CLI Build Status

A command line interface for the Pho stack. Allows you build graphql files, initialize new projects, and expose a non-blocking event-driven RESTful API via HTTP or HTTPS.

Getting Started

The recommended way to install pho-cli is through composer.

git clone
cd pho-cli && composer install

Available Commands

build Builds graphql schema into executable Pho. This may be used if you have cloned a recipe, modified and need to compile it.

Usage: bin/pho.php build [<source>] [<destination>] [<extension>] where extension is the file extension (.pgql by default)

init Initializes a new project. This is used when you'd like to install a new kernel based on standards or a preset such as the ones that can be found at Please note, if there is a .env file present in the root folder of pho-cli, it is considered to be your server settings, hence copied onto the initialized project.

Usage: bin/pho.php init <destination> [<skeleton>] where destination is the folder where you'd like the kernel to reside, and skeleton is the name of the template to use or a directory where your compiled pgql files reside.

serve Runs a HTTP server based on Pho Graph. This may be used once you've initialized a kernel.

Usage: bin/pho.php serve [<kernel>] where kernel points to the directory where the kernel resides.

test Similar to the serve command, except that it runs the HTTP server in a Vagrant box, hence you don't need to have all the system requirements installed on your system, except the Vagrant app itself. Ideal for testing purposes.

Usage: bin/pho.php test [<kernel>] where kernel points to the directory where the kernel resides.

Run bin/pho.php help at any time for more information.