Phono add-on and jQuery plugin to easily render a callme button in any web page
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A jQuery plugin and Phono add-on that makes it easy to drop a callme button directly into any webpage with just a few lines of code.



The callme plugin uses the jQuery UI theme classes for styling the callme button and dialpad etc.


            apiKey: "C17D167F-09C6-4E4C-A3DD-2025D48BA243",
            numberToDial: "8007773456",
            buttonTextReady: "1-800-777-FILM",


  • apiKey: String, your api key. Get one here
  • dialPad: Boolean, defaults to true. Include a dial pad
  • toggleMic: Boolean, defaults to true. Show a checkbox where users can specify whether or not they are wearing a headset
  • slideOpen: Boolean, defaults to true. Slide open the dial pad and mic toggle when the call button is clicked
  • buttonText: String, defaults to "loading...". Text to display in the call button while the phone is loading
  • buttonTextReady: String, defaults to "Call me". Text to display in the call button when the "phone" is ready
  • numberToDial: String, defaults to a demo IVR application hosted at
    Set this to the phone number, Tropo appid, or sip number you want to call



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