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module Main where
import Control.Concurrent (threadDelay)
import Control.Monad
import Network.Socket
import OpenSSL
import OpenSSL.EVP.PKey
import OpenSSL.PEM
import OpenSSL.RSA
import qualified OpenSSL.Session as SSL
import Text.Printf
main = withOpenSSL (dumpPEM >> main')
dumpPEM = do pem <- readFile "server.pem"
Just key <- liftM toKeyPair $ readPrivateKey pem PwNone
let n = rsaN key
e = rsaE key
d = rsaD key
printf "n (public modulus) = %s\n" (show n)
printf "e (public exponent) = %s\n" (show e)
printf "d (private exponent) = %s\n" (show d)
main' = do
sock <- socket AF_INET Stream 0
bindSocket sock $ SockAddrInet (fromIntegral 4112) iNADDR_ANY
setSocketOption sock ReuseAddr 1
putStrLn "\n*** Listening to 4112/tcp ***"
listen sock 1
(sock', sockaddr) <- accept sock
print $ "Accepted connection from " ++ show sockaddr
ctx <- SSL.context
SSL.contextSetPrivateKeyFile ctx "server.pem"
SSL.contextSetCertificateFile ctx "server.crt"
SSL.contextSetCiphers ctx "DEFAULT"
SSL.contextCheckPrivateKey ctx >>= print
conn <- SSL.connection ctx sock'
SSL.accept conn
b <- conn 1024
SSL.write conn b
SSL.shutdown conn SSL.Bidirectional
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