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import Control.Monad
import Data.Time.Clock
import Data.Time.Calendar
import Data.Maybe
import OpenSSL
import OpenSSL.PKCS7
import OpenSSL.EVP.Cipher
import OpenSSL.EVP.PKey
import OpenSSL.PEM
import OpenSSL.RSA
import OpenSSL.X509
import OpenSSL.X509.Store
main = withOpenSSL $
do rsa <- generateRSAKey 512 65537 Nothing
cert <- genCert rsa
pkcs7 <- pkcs7Sign cert rsa [] "Hello, world!" [Pkcs7NoCerts]
store <- newX509Store
addCertToStore store cert
pkcs7Verify pkcs7 [cert] store Nothing [] >>= print
return ()
genCert :: KeyPair k => k -> IO X509
genCert pkey
= do x509 <- newX509
setVersion x509 2
setSerialNumber x509 1
setIssuerName x509 [("C", "JP")]
setSubjectName x509 [("C", "JP")]
setNotBefore x509 =<< liftM (addUTCTime (-1)) getCurrentTime
setNotAfter x509 =<< liftM (addUTCTime (365 * 24 * 60 * 60)) getCurrentTime
setPublicKey x509 pkey
signX509 x509 pkey Nothing
return x509
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