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Simply package description
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
Name: HsOpenSSL
-Synopsis: (Incomplete) OpenSSL binding for Haskell
+Synopsis: Partial OpenSSL binding for Haskell
HsOpenSSL is an OpenSSL binding for Haskell. It can generate RSA
@@ -7,15 +7,10 @@ Description:
sign and verify messages, encrypt and decrypt messages. It has
also some capabilities of creating SSL clients and servers.
- Please note that this project has started at the time when there
- were no pure-Haskell implementations of TLS. Now there is tls
- package (<>), which looks
- pretty saner than HsOpenSSL especially for initialisation and
- error handlings. So PHO (the initial author of HsOpenSSL) wants to
- encourage you to use and improve the tls package instead as long
- as possible. The only problem is that the tls package has not
- received as much review as OpenSSL from cryptography specialists
- yet, thus we can't assume it's secure enough.
+ This package is in production use by a number of Haskell based
+ systems and stable. You may also be interested in the @tls@ package,
+ <>, which is a pure Haskell
+ implementation of SSL.
License: PublicDomain

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