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Using the GHC build system
For a "Getting Started" guide, see:
Common commands:
Builds everything: ghc stages 1 and 2, all libraries and tools.
make -j2
Parallel build: runs up to 2 commands at a time (use the number of
CPUs in your machine in place of '2')
cd <dir>; make
Builds everything in the given directory.
cd <dir>; make help
Shows the targets available in <dir>
make install
Installs GHC, libraries and tools under $(prefix)
make sdist
make binary-dist
Builds a source or binary distribution respectively
make show VALUE=<var>
Displays the value of make variable <var>
make clean
make distclean
make maintainer-clean
Various levels of cleaning: "clean" restores the tree to the
state after "./configure", "distclean" restores to the state
after "perl boot", and maintainer-clean restores the tree to the
completely clean checked-out state.