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a vim plugin of cpp syntax check, using g++ as parser

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version 1.1

This a script use g++ as a parser to check the syntax of cpp source code, and show where the errors and warnings are. Installion is in a easy way and everytime you save the file, syntax errors and warnings are showed.

You can also check errors in quickfix window by using command :cw

See the install details for install guide, if you find any bugs or method to make it better, please contact me using e-mail:

Install details

Put the script cppSyntaxCheck.vim in folder ~/.vim/plugin, Make sure your compiler has been installed then it works

You can add statements below in order to adjust to your environment

let g:include_path=":../include:./include:./tinyxml"

let g:compile_flag="-D_LINUX_"

let g:cpp_compiler="/usr/bin/g++"

let g:enable_warning=1

let g:cpp_compiler="LANG=C g++ -Wall"

let g:longest_text=120

Key binding: <Leader>s go to next signed error or warning line

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