Scripts for interacting with the Minitel 1B
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Minitel 1B utility scripts is a script for connecting to a minitel terminal over a serial port and writing data to it from stdin or one or more files. It can also be used to send hex codes directly to the minitel, as well as a clear code or one of several test patterns. Try "python --help" for options. also provides a Minitel class that may be used by other python scripts that want to communicate with the Minitel. It's documented in docstrings, so you can "import minitel; help(minitel.Minitel)" in python for details. converts any normal image type into a full-screen image for the minitel. It provides a Converter class for use by other scripts as well. is a script that searches Tumblr for posts matching the provided tags, finds the photo posts, and displays them on the Minitel. If no arguments are provided it displays a prompt and waits for tags to be entered by the user at the Minitel terminal.

Using the Minitel to interact with terminal programs

You'll want to begin by setting the minitel into 80-column mode (fn-M A) and 4800 baud mode (fn-B 4). Then:

  • Set up and open a serial connection to the minitel. If you've put the minitel in 4800 baud mode (say, with Fn-B 4), then:
    minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 4800

Leave the connection open by exiting with Ctrl-A J.

  • Set the tty to do newline processing correctly
    stty opost onlcr icrnl </dev/ttyUSB0
  • Redirect your terminal program to talk to the minitel
    adventure </dev/ttyUSB0 >/dev/ttyUSB0