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Bitmap reslicer-- interactive?
Use PyQt4 to create frontend
Dynamically cycle through slices and offsets
Use PIL to generate snapshots
Find/create Teensy/Teensy plus footprint for Eagle
Revise shield board and ship out Gerbers to Advanced Circuits
NB: Do not convert to teensy! We need to keep the optoisolation on the RX/TX lines.
(Actually, doable with Teensy as well... bypass the USB i/o)
YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK IT. Go with a Teensy/Teensy Pro! We no longer need the metric fuckton of I/O and they're smaller and more stable.
Create BOM for shield board
Put together digikey/mouser order for shield board
Source parts for high end of nixie driver
Order high end driver parts
Hack together a quick implementation of the driver circuit for the Waters 600E monitor