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January: Soft-Boiled Egg Robot

I love soft-boiled eggs, but in today's fast-paced economy, who has the time? That's why January's Robot of the Month is a robot for preparing soft-boiled eggs while I take care of other more pressing concerns.

This is a junkbot, which means that the assembled cad files and code probably aren't going to be useful to anyone else. Nevertheless, it's all public domain as described in the LICENSE file in this directory.

Components comprising this pile of mess:

  • The heating element and thermistor from a trashed mini-espresso machine
  • One 250mL beaker of questionable provenance
  • Some off-brand 80/20 extruded aluminum
  • Lots of lasercut acrylic and delrin
  • Skate bearings
  • A chunk of cylindrical steel as a counterweight
  • Some 4x4 sliced out of the loft supports from the original NYCR location
  • A couple of analog servos and a DC motor from the junk drawer
  • One channel of a six-channel motor controller I designed circa 2005
  • Some relays from sharesville
  • Randoms bolts, plywood, etc.

This is probably more interesting to the curious than anyone who wants to build anything, but have fun!