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-Snap-Pad provides an easy, somewhat safe two party OTP capability.
-Perhaps it will also provide a solution to brain rot due to excessive datasheet exposure. My fucking eyeballs are burning.
-* -- Find lib for NAND bad block management - going to build
-* Finalize LED and switch count, color, placement
-* Get reflow oven up and running
-* Go over use scenarios with Nick F, Hilary M, David H, other cryptonerds
-* Look into OpenMoko USB identifiers (can we really use these?)
-* Marketing/Spreading the word
- * Bring in John D. to see if KS makes sense
- * How do they handle sales tax? Do they handle sales tax?
- * Large scale: talk to Limor F, Phil T, Nathan S about excess capacity runs.
-* Identify a license. (Talk to Alicia S about this, maybe Dustyn R and Addie W)
-Random Number Generation
-* ~~Avalanche (two transistors base-to-base)~~
-* Sample an unstable oscillator (w/ LED and thermo to add noise)
- * Ring oscillators are the way to go>
-* ~~Zener breakdown~~
-* ~~Low-order ADC (slow)~~
-* Internal clock
-* mid-January: prototype and layout for final RNG design
-* mid-January: send off v1 prototypes to OSHPark and barebones
-* early February: complete prototype batch, software v0
-* end of February: get samples off to appropriate people
-blocks: in Chicago end of January
-Rough dates
-Jan 10: finalize RNG
-Jan 13: send off v1 board
-Jan 17: assemble barbones prototypes
-Jan 22: have hardware in shape prior to Chicago (order v2 there?)
-Fast & rough design constraints:
-* early boards: test points for programming and debugging
- * I/O and control lines for NAND
- * VUSB to monitor power line noise
- * We can use the actual edge pads for USB (or put test points under pins)
+Snap-Pad provides an easy, somewhat safe two party one time pad capability.

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