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RepSnapper is an alternative host software for controlling the RepRap ( open source 3D printer.
= Compilation =
To build and run repsnapper do:
= Documentation =
For latest documentation, see:
* RepSnapper v2 Manual
For version 1.1.x, see:
* RepSnapper v1 Manual
= Contact Info =
* Irc channel: #repsnapper at irc://
=== RepSnapper v2 ===
Current development of Repsnapper is happening in Timothy Schmidt's repository at the following URLs.
* Code:
* Bug tracker:
=== Kulitorum version ===
For historical reasons we leave here the links to the old svn version that developed by Kulitorum, this version is now unmaintained and commits go into the Timothy Schmidt version (as of ~ October 5th, 2010)
* Code:
* SVN history:
* Bug tracker:
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