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ObjectStore - Wrapper for various cloud based buckets


composer requre phore/objectstore

Basic usage

$store = new ObjectStore(new GoogleCloudStoreDriver(__DIR__ . "/file/to/identity.json", "bucketName"));

$store->object("object/some.json")->put("Some Data");

if ($store->has("object/some.json"))
    echo "Object existing";

echo $store->object("object/some.json")->get();


The object store can be created with

$objectStore = ObjectStore::Connect('gcs://some-bucket?keyfile=/run/secrets/xyz');

Available Drivers:

driver driver class example
Google Bucket PhoreGoogleCloudStoreDriver gcs://<bucket-name>?keyfile=/run/secrets/google-key-1
Google Bucket Native Driver (Requires google/cloud-storage) GoogleCloudStoreDriver gcsnd://<bucket-name>?keyfile=/run/secrets/google-key-1
Azure Block Storage -- azbs://<bucket-name>?account=<account>&keyfile=/run/secrets/az-key-1
Azure Block Storage Native Driver (Requires microsoft/azure-storage-blob) AzureObjectStoreDriver azbsnd://<bucket-name>?account=<account>&keyfile=/run/secrets/az-key-1
Filesystem driver FileSystemObjectStoreDriver file://path/


The google native drivers require a secret as service account. Create the secret using

./ secrets edit google_test
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