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Phoronix Test Suite 8.6.0 Milestone 1
7 January 2019

pts-core: No longer clear test profile identifiers on secondary saved results
pts-core: Add compare-results-to-baseline sub-command for comparing one result file (baseline) against a set of results for text look at relative perf
pts-core: Minor fixes
pts-core: Show wins and losses summary after testing on large result files
pts-core: On two-way result files, after test completion show comparison of current result against previous result (baseline)
pts-core: Add ShowPostRunStatistics user configuration XML option to toggle whether various test statistics are printed at the end of testing
pts-core: Add recently-added-tests sub-command to show newly added test profiles / alternative to openbenchmarking-changes/recently-updated-tests
pts-core: Allow outputting line graphs to terminal interface as basic box plot graphs
phodevi: Improve Linux multiple network device reporting
phodevi: LXQt desktop version reporting
phodevi: Update for Microsoft Windows Server 2019
system_monitor: Allow outputting system monitor graphs to terminal interface inline