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@michaellarabel michaellarabel released this May 13, 2019 · 53 commits to master since this release

Phoronix Test Suite 8.8

Release Date: 13 May 2019 | Codename: Hvaler

  • Initial work on new result viewer (to be completed next cycle)
  • Phodevi improvements: AVX-512 VNNI detection, Intel Node Manager power reporting, OpenJDK/Java version detection improvements, RAM temperature reporting for some ARM SBCs, AMDGPU mem_busy_poercent handling, other hardware/software detection improvements
  • New sub-commands: remove-run-from-result-file, remove-results-from-result-file, strict-run/strict-benchmark, result-file-raw-to-csv
  • Continued Microsoft Windows support improvements

Phoronix Test Suite 8.8.0-Hvaler
13 May 2019

pts-core: Report on the POWER SMT setting in notes
pts-core: Add new/updated suite reporting
pts-core: In build-suite allow not binding test profile versions
pts-core: For list-suites, only show suites that have been updated within the past four years
pts_Graph: Report N on horizontal bar graphs
phodevi: Intel Node Manager power_meter support for sys.power sensor

Phoronix Test Suite 8.8.0 Milestone 3
9 May 2019

pts-core: Add experimental dynamic-result-viewer
pts-core: Allow marking of test profile download files as optional
pts-core: Add "everything" virtual suite
pts-core: Set MESA_VK_WSI_PRESENT_MODE=immediate by default to work around possible 60 FPS RADV bug
pts-core: Rename remove-from-result-file to remove-run-from-result-file
pts-core: Add remove-results-from-result-file sub-command
phodevi: Detect AVX-512 VNNI
phodevi: Fix OpenJDK Java version detection
phodevi: Expand memory temperature sensor to work for some ARM SBCs
phodevi: Multi-monitor detection improvements
phodevi: Add support for gpu.memory-usage sensor with new AMDGPU mem_busy_percent sysfs interface
system_monitor: Add PERFORMANCE_PER_SENSOR= support for performance-per-(arbitrary sensor) rather than just supporting perf-per-Watt
ob_auto_compare: Show other results in result file on box plot

Phoronix Test Suite 8.8.0 Milestone 2
27 March 2019

pts-core: On new installs set 3.00% as deviation for increasing dynamic run count rather than 3.50%
pts-core: Add FORCE_MIN_TIMES_TO_RUN_CUTOFF= environment variable to toggle cutoff for FORCE_MIN_TIMES_TO_RUN behavior
pts-core: Add strict-benchmark option for enabling various options to ensure stricter behavior about the number of times to run each benchmark
pts-core: Add cpu-physical-threads / cpu-threads / auto-executable auto test run options
phodevi: CPU-therm reporting via sysfs for CPU core temp
phodevi: GPU-therm reporting via sysfs for GPU core temp

Phoronix Test Suite 8.8.0 Milestone 1
16 March 2019

pts-core: Allow FORCE_TIMES_TO_RUN to override debug-run/debug-benchmark single run behavior
pts-core: Various fallbacks/workarounds for those wanting to (unofficially) use PTS on Windows 8.1
pts-core: Other small tweaks and optimizations
pts-core: Fixes an odd scenario where on Windows after 2 runs, further runs of that test profile for current run could fail in select (random) instances
pts-core: Write out system notes for each system when generating PDF result output
pts-core: CSV output improvements
pts-core: Add result-file-raw-to-csv for dumping the raw/individual benchmark result run data
pts_Graph: Condensing improvements for large graphs
pts_Graph: Various formatting improvements
phodevi: Intel GPU reporting improvements
phodevi: BIOS version reporting support extended to Windows
phodevi: ipmitool DMCI power sensor reporting for at least some POWER servers

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