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import os.path
import cPickle as pickle
import functools
import numpy as np
from ml import mnist, utils, optimize, rbm, grbm, data, meta, parameters
from ml import regularization as reg
DATA_PATH = os.path.expanduser("~/Development/ml/datasets")
OUTPUT_PATH = os.path.expanduser('~/Development/ml/output')
# This is the code for:
def load_inputs():
# This data set is sampled from Bruno Olshausen's unwhitened
# natural images:
# Send me an email (see GitHub profile page) if you'd like a copy
# of the exact patches I used here.
fn = 'natural-image-patches-100k-12x12.pickle'
with(open(os.path.join(DATA_PATH, fn))) as f:
data = pickle.load(f)
print data['desc']
return data['inputs']
def ex(inputs):
inputs = utils.remove_dc(inputs)
inputs, zca = utils.zca_white(inputs, 0.1)
batches = data.BatchIterator(inputs, 100)
num_vis = inputs.shape[1]
num_hid = 400
epochs = 100
momentum = 0
initial_params = grbm.initial_params(num_hid, num_vis, 0.001, 1.0)
neg_free_energy_grad = functools.partial(grbm.neg_free_energy_grad,
def f(params, inputs):
return, inputs,
grbm.sample_h_noisy_relu, grbm.sample_v,
learning_rate = 0.005
output_dir = utils.make_output_directory(OUTPUT_PATH)
save_params = parameters.save_hook(output_dir)
error_history = []
sparsity_history = []
def post_epoch(*args):
W_norm = utils.rescale(args[0].W)
os.path.join(output_dir, ('w%i.png' % args[1])))
# Estimate sparsity from subset of data.
h_mean = grbm.sample_h_noisy_relu(args[0], inputs[0:5000], True)[1]
mean_activation = np.mean(h_mean > 0)
print 'approx mean activation: %f' % mean_activation
# The callback from optimize.sgd needs modifying so that it
# passes the reconstrcution error as an argument to make this
# work. (This was used when I did the original experiments.)
# error_history.append(args[2])
save_params(args[0], args[1])
params = optimize.sgd(f, initial_params, batches,
epochs, learning_rate,
with(open(os.path.join(output_dir, 'history.pickle'), 'wb')) as f:
pickle.dump(error_history, f, -1)
pickle.dump(sparsity_history, f, -1)
return params, error_history, sparsity_history
inputs = load_inputs()
params, error_history, sparsity_history = ex(inputs)