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The libphorward is a generic C/C++ library and toolbox, serving platform-independent utilities for different purposes.

Data structures

  • parray - Dynamically managed arrays & stacks
  • pccl - Character-classes
  • plex - Lexical analysis
  • plist - Linked lists, hash-tables, queues & stacks
  • pregex - Regular expressions

Generic helpers

Command-line tools

  • pdoc - C source code documentation tool
  • pinclude - Generate big files from various smaller ones
  • plex - Lexical analyzer generator and interpreter
  • pproto - C function prototype generator
  • pregex - Regular expressions match/find/split/replace
  • ptest - C program test facilities


A recently updated, full documentation can be found here, and is also locally available after installation.


Building phorward is simple as every GNU-style open source program. Extract the downloaded release tarball or clone the source repository into a directory of your choice.

Then, run

make install

And you're ready to go!

Alternative development build

Alternatively, there is also a simpler method for setting up a local build system for development and testing purposes.

To do so, type

make -f Makefile.gnu make_install

This locally compiles the library or parts of it, and is ideal for development purposes.

Stand-alone copy

The entire library including its tools can be made available in one target directory by using the script ./

This makes stand-alone integration of the entire library into other projects possible without a previous installation or porting, and easier maintainable packages.

The generated stand-alone package contains a Makefile and can directly be built.


libphorward is developed and maintained by Jan Max Meyer, Phorward Software Technologies.

Contributions by Heavenfighter and AGS.


You may use, modify and distribute this software under the terms and conditions of the MIT license. The full license terms can be obtained from the file LICENSE.

Copyright (C) 2006-2021 by Phorward Software Technologies, Jan Max Meyer.