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- Modified directory structure to fit to
- Added and some scripts for deployment on PyPI
- Enabled single-line and multi-line comments in grammars
- Extended AST construction to save matching substring also along the parse-tree
with nodes representing nonterminals. This may be useful in some traversal
- Added argparse command-line parser to use pynetree from the command-line.
- Moved examples to examples/ folder.
- pynetree.Node now providing a dump() function (moved from pynetree.Parser)
- Introduced ParseError exception instead of error() function.
- Features the new libphorward-style BNF grammar definition language syntax
(more about it can be obtained from
- Enhanced pynetree.Node class to more utility functions for grabbing
child nodes by kind and check for child node existence.
- Emitted tokens can now also be flagged in a dict-style grammar definition
by preceding "@" to a symbol name, as it is the case in the BNF grammar.
- Added this changelog :)
- Abstract Syntax Trees are build upon pynetree.Node objects now
- Bugfix on rule-emits, now storing a key within the pynetree.Node object for
unique access
- Fixed the internal BNF traversal to new pynetree.Node
- Improved pynetree.Parser.traverse() function to allow for bottom-up,
top-down and pass-by tree traversal.
- Updated README file to latest changes.
Comes with an improved traverse() function.
First initial version with all base features.
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