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Programming language, compiler and platform.


RapidBATCH was a scripting language targetting to Windows systems until 2015. In 2008, this successor version 6 of the fine running, last officially released version 5.1 of RapidBATCH was started, but never got to an end. There are several reasons why this, unfortunatelly, happened. (If you are really interested, more about the reasons why can be found here, written in german).

Anyway, this is the repository of the available and original RapidBATCH 6 source code in a state as it was in end of 2009, with some minor maintenance updates.

The current state of the source code here has been merged from various project states and ported to be compiled with the latest version of the Phorward C/C++ Library and the UniCC parser generator, which are both dependencies. So it slightly works for now and (maybe) is a point to start.

Starting RapidBATCH, both the language and its vision behind, as an open source project, is both considered as a way to grow ideas and to maybe start a worthy successor of version 5.1.


This repository currently has only one simple Makefile that runs best when libphorward and UniCC are installed.

On Linux with gcc or clang, this will work:

$ git clone
$ cd rapidbatch
$ touch rb_comp.parser.?   # this avoids the requirement of UniCC
$ make

After that, invoke the interpreter like this

$./rb6 test/test1.rb


Example programs can be found in test/.


Contributions, ideas, concepts and code is always welcome!

This is the 2017 ported, slightly running state of a project that stopped in 2009. There are many parts in these sources that are already reflected in the current Phorward C/C++ Library toolchain and are obsolete here, but need to be rewritten.


RapidBATCH is developed and maintained by Jan Max Meyer, Phorward Software Technologies.


This software is an open source project released under the terms and conditions of the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.


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