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Trovebox Export Tool

Trovebox, a photo service for the masses


This script fetches all of your photos from a Trovebox host and stores them into text files which can then be easily imported into another Trovebox host.

Getting dependencies

The only dependency you need is the trovebox module (repository on Github).

sudo pip install trovebox

Downloading the script

Using git

git clone git://

Using wget

mkdir export-openphoto
wget -O export-openphoto/ --no-check-certificate

Using file->save

Click the link below and save the file into a directory named export-openphoto.


For full access to your photos, you need to create the following config file in ~/.config/trovebox/default

# ~/.config/trovebox/default
host =
consumerKey = your_consumer_key
consumerSecret = your_consumer_secret
token = your_access_token
tokenSecret = your_access_token_secret

The --config commandline option lets you specify a different config file.

To get your credentials:

  • Log into your Trovebox site
  • Click the arrow on the top-right and select 'Settings'
  • Click the 'Create a new app' button
  • Click the 'View' link beside the newly created app

Running the script

Start a terminal and enter the following.

cd export-openphoto

Now the script gets to work downloading the information for your photos. It doesn't download the actual photos so it should be relatively fast.

Parsing URL for the token... OK
Fetching user id... OK
Fetching page 1... OK
  * Storing photo 6109695003 to fetched/6109695003.json... OK
  * Storing photo 6109694841 to fetched/6109694841.json... OK
  * Storing photo 6109694637 to fetched/6109694637.json... OK
  * Storing photo 6110240318 to fetched/6110240318.json... OK
  * Storing photo 6110240222 to fetched/6110240222.json... OK
  * Storing photo 6065502023 to fetched/6065502023.json... OK
Fetching page 2... OK


Now you've got a bunch of text files. These can be fed into our import tool to transfer all of your photos into your Trovebox account.

Don't worry, we'll have a nice web based GUI for all of this soon :).

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