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Self-Hosted OpenPhoto FAQ

How can I install OpenPhoto?

We have lots of guides to help you through the installation process. Check them out here. We welcome contributions on Github if you see one that's incomplete.

Can I install OpenPhoto to a subdirectory of my site?

Not yet, but it's on our wishlist.

How does support for multiple users work?

We support multiple users through separate domains. See this issue on why it works that way.

Is your mobile app available for self-hosted users?

Yes! Download the app for iOS or Android.

I just changed my domain name. Why am I getting prompted for new settings?

This is normal. OpenPhoto configs are bound to a site, not a server. Since a site is defined by its hostname, you can have multiple sites on one host provided that they have different hostnames. So go ahead and change your settings.

I encountered a security issue in OpenPhoto. What's the best way to let you know?

Report it as an issue at Github. If you don't feel comfortable exposing a security issue, reach out to someone on the core team and email us individually.

Something broke. How do I let you know?

Check our issue tracker at Github first; if the issue you're encountering isn't already there, then start a new issue and describe what you ran across.

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