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#### 3. Create your cloud accounts (optional).
Create an account at <a href="">Amazon AWS</a> or <a href="">Dropbox</a> if you plan to use them. Create a new bucket (S3) or app (Dropbox). Save your keys since you'll need them soon.
- At Amazon:
+At Amazon:
* Sign in and visit <a href="">the S3 panel</a> and select Create a New Bucket.
* Give your bucket a name and select a region, then select Create.
* <a href="">Obtain your access keys</a> and save them.
- At Dropbox:
+At Dropbox:
* Sign in and create a folder for your photos to go in.
* Visit <a href="">the developers page</a>
* Select Create an App, and select Core API for App Type and Full Dropbox Access.

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