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+Pro Accounts
+## What do I get with a Trovebox Pro account?
+With a pro account, you get:
+* Unlimited photo uploads (Free users get 100 photo uploads/month)
+* Import from Flickr and Picasa as well as Facebook and Instagram
+* Switch storage options as many times as you wish (Free users can switch once)
+* Top level domain support at
+## How much does a Pro account cost?
+A Pro account costs $29.99 a year.
+## How do I upgrade from a free account to a Pro account?
+Visit, enter your credit card info, and enjoy your Pro account!
+## How does unlimited space work with my storage service?
+We don't limit uploads for Pro users, but you may face limits from your storage provider. If we're your storage provider then everything is unlimited.
+## Do I have to renew manually every year?
+Nope. We'll alert you when your Pro account is going to renew.
+## What happens if my Pro subscription ends?
+Don't panic! Nothing has been deleted. You resume using a free account, though you're now subject to the free account limitations. You can still access all your photos, free or pro.

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