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Hi Jaisen!

I didn't do the curl optimization yet, but i thought i would already send you what i have, because i need to start working on something else today.

I'll also have to add our new storage formats at some point - right now the remoteStorage standard doesn't support directories, and the new one does, so then it makes sense to take advantage of that in the client.

So I'll probably keep sending improvements and updates in the coming months, but this should be a good baseline.


jmathai and others added some commits Apr 20, 2012
@jmathai jmathai Creating a user/pass for the owner cacaa21
@jmathai jmathai Updating photo table and queries for date sorting. #649 ad5140e
@till till * remove duplicate d3b1ea3
@till till * you shouldn't edit php.ini but instead use conf.d/ext.ini 83e0430
@till till * would help if this is an executable e525c60
@jmathai jmathai Fixing sql query for date sort on photo list. #649 882d3e9
@coyled coyled lighttpd install guide: change github repo URL to the publicly-access…
…ible one
@jmathai jmathai Merge pull request #652 from till/install-script-bugfix
Install script bugfix
@hfiguiere hfiguiere Merge pull request #653 from coyled/fix-lighttpd-guide-repo-loc
lighttpd install guide: change github repo URL to the publicly-accessible one
@jmathai jmathai Fixing double event firing for keypress. Replacing .live with .on. Cl…
…oses #647
@jmathai jmathai Preload next/previous photos. #649 Closes #377 4aba5ec
@jmathai jmathai Minifying new JS. #649 #377 7078bf8
@jmathai jmathai Removing image tag from DOM after caching. #649 ff597b9
@jmathai jmathai Making the manage photos page more clear with descriptions and more a…
…ccurate text. #608
@jmathai jmathai Indicating that batch editing has been submitted and disabling the bu…
…tton. Closes #561
@jmathai jmathai Adding edit link to the photo detail page (does not apply to modal ve…
…rsion). Closes #591
@jmathai jmathai Updating minification and cache keys for js. #561 4c7f668
@jmathai jmathai Optimizing sql for sorting by adding more info into the dateSortByDay…
… field. Closes #667
@jmathai jmathai Only display next/previous link in nav bar if the photo exists. Closes d37db9d
@jmathai jmathai Adding custom sort order back for getActivities call in mysql adapter. b03c5a7
@jmathai jmathai Making default bucket creating permission private. Closes #670 8fe1aa6
nicolargo Add NGinx conf 637e584
@jmathai jmathai Merge pull request #671 from nicolargo/development
NGinx configuration file + documentation
@pad92 pad92 Adding FreeBSD installation Guide 4f7d08a
@jmathai jmathai Merge pull request #683 from pad92/development
Development - Adding FreeBSD/Nginx Guide
@pad92 pad92 InstallationFreeBSDNginx_FR : add french documentation
InstallationFreeBSDNginx : fix www user
@pad92 pad92 fix www username c04e6f4
@hfiguiere hfiguiere Merge pull request #684 from pad92/development
French documentation for FreeBSD / nginx
@jmathai jmathai Making default bucket creating permission private. Closes #670 f517a57
@jmathai jmathai Adding a login adapter for the local OpenPhoto installation. Closes #307
@jmathai jmathai Merge branch 'userpass' into development
@jmathai jmathai Merge branch 'development' of into deve…
@jmathai jmathai Adding ;'s to sql commands. #423 f4cf89a
@jmathai jmathai Adding password column to user table in base sql file. #307 7e33340
@jmathai jmathai Adding password field to the setup. #307 b35d323
@jmathai jmathai Setting charset in the connection string instead of calling SET NAMES…
…. Closes #690
@jmathai jmathai Merge branch 'master' of 7c13f8e
@michielbdejong michielbdejong this should do it 5d2f544
@michielbdejong michielbdejong add new adapter 158c1e2
@michielbdejong michielbdejong add options into setup template 2a78286
@michielbdejong michielbdejong add in dependencies debab00

i don't know why the last 20 days of history also shows up as part of the pull request, it should contain just the last 4 commits (the ones that show me as the author)

@jmathai jmathai referenced this pull request May 11, 2012

Backend: Support OwnCloud #618

Trovebox Community Edition member

No worries about the curl optimization. We can do that later. Hoping to get this merged this week (didn't happen on Saturday as I had hoped).

Trovebox Community Edition member

Michiel, Apologies on the delay!

Trovebox Community Edition member

Michael, I've set up OwnCloud and enabled the Webfinger and remoteStorage compatability apps. When I add my username@hostname and click connect it says there's no remoteStorage found for my user.

I've installed it on a VM using the hostname owncloud and have entries in my /etc/hosts files as needed. The ownCloud web UI works great. I created an account with the username jmathai. I'm putting jmathai@owncloud in before clicking connect.

Before I spend hours debugging this I wanted to see if there was something obvious I was overlooking.

Trovebox Community Edition member

(Sorry for misspelling your name)


I'd really like to see owncloud support. Are there any blocking issues with this pull request? Can I help?

Trovebox Community Edition member

Just testing. I began testing it before @michielbdejong fixed a few issues and I didn't get back to testing it.


Another poke on this. Anything I can do to help with this pull?

Trovebox Community Edition member

@tareko Are you able to verify that it works as expected? If someone can do that we'll add it in as experimental. I just don't have time to personally do the testing myself. That's all that's holding this pull request up.

If anyone can provide confirmation that this works (ideally with a staging server) then we'll merge this.

I apologize for letting this sit for so long as a pull request.


If I'm understanding you correctly, you're asking me to do three things:

  1. Look through the code and ensure test coverage is adequate
  2. Test this myself to see if I can get it to work
  3. Put up a server with a test account to 'prove' it works.

I can do this, though it will take a bit of time, as it no longer neatly merges into HEAD.

tarek : )

Trovebox Community Edition member

Yes :).

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Trovebox / OpenPhoto? #252

@jmathai jmathai closed this Jul 2, 2014
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