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Trovebox mobile application for Android
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Test coverage

 cd <inside the app directory>
 android update project --path .
 android update test-project -m <full path to app directory (not just .)> -p ../test/
 cd ../test/
 ant coverage

Code Formatting

Please use the following xml file as formatting in eclipse and make it to be applied whenever a file is saved.

Facebook SDK

Install Facebook SDK by cloning the GitHub repository: git clone git://

Fake Account Credentials for Trovebox

The file is a fake implementation for the interface This fake implementation will return credentials to the site


To make the environment working we need to Add Support Library in the project ActionBarSherlock. These are the steps on Eclipse:

  1. Click with right button in the project ActionBarSherlock
  2. Select Android Tools
  3. Select Add Support Library
  4. Accept and Finish

Advanced Enironment Setup instructions

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