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Confusable Homoglyphs

A PHP port of vhf/confusable_homoglyphs

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About this package

Unicode homoglyphs can be a nuisance on the web. Your most popular client, AlaskaJazz, might be upset to be impersonated by a trickster who deliberately chose the username ΑlaskaJazz. (The A is the greek letter capital alpha)

This is a complete port of the Python library vhf/confusable_homoglyphs to PHP. I found myself needing its functionality after reading this article by James Bennett on validating usernames and how django-registration does so.

A huge thank you goes to the Python package creator Victor Felder and its contributors Ryan Kilby and muusik; without their work this port would not exist.

This library is compatible with PHP versions 7.0 and above.


Install this library with composer: composer require photogabble/php-confusable-homoglyphs.


Please see the tests for detailed example of usage.

Known Usage

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